A School class from Volochisk 1928

Compliments of Yeva Lozdernik, a former Volochiskian

1928 class

Names read left to right

Bottom row:
Lindenboim, Bayla
Khazine, Bronya - lived in kiev after the war
Buskis, Fonya
Glekel, Golda

2nd Row:
Klig, Itsik
Lozdernik, Moysha - Yeva's brother, died at the front in 1942 near Kiev
Liptsin, Shmuel
Starazumnik, Nosen
Glekel, Leyzer - lived in Moscow, died in the 1980's
Truger, Sender

3rd Row:
Shor, Menye - lived in Odessa, died at the end of the 1970's
Lizak, Esterke (teacher)
Shmulenzon, Mechel (teacher)
Druzshkopolier, Yosel - lived in Zhitomir, Yeva met him in 1981
Shpiner, Brayne

Top row:
Koyfman, Monish
Vitels, Lozer
Beyde, Tseytl - lived in PodVolochisk. Yeva met her in 1970-75
Lozdernik, Tabel - Yeva's niece. Lived in Khabarovsk. she met her in 1992.
Khantsenzayd, Shmulik

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