Famous Volochisk Residents

MALBIM, also known as Mer Lb ben Jehiel Michel WEISER ( 1809 - 1879) was born in Volochisk. He was a Rabbi and Bible commentator . opentopia

MARGO, Boris (1902 - 1995) was born in Volochisk and immigrated to the US in 1930. He was a surrealist artist and inventor. NY Times Obituary  


SHENHAR, Yitzhak (SHENBERG) (1902-1957) was born in Volochisk and immigrated to Palestine in the early 1920s. He was a poet, playwright, translator and editor. 

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RAPOPORT, Samuel Mitja (1912 2004) was born in Volochisk and moved to Odessa, then immigrated to Austria, the United States and Germany. He was a physician, biochemist and Communist.

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