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B'nai Komyater Society & Miscellaneous

B'nai Simon Komjater Society

In New York City, on August 12th, 1929, eight former residents of Komjat, signed the certificate of incorporation for the B'nai Simon Komjater Society Inc. This landsmanshaften was named in honor of Benjamin Simon Rottenstein, rabbi of Komjat. Samuel Schwartz, Leopold Rottenstein, Martin Berger, George Weinberger, Joseph Greenstein, Bernard Berger, Sadie Sobel and Sam Blubstein were the directors. The fee for the incorporation was $6.00. The application was approved on October 10, 1929.

Certificate of Incorporation: (Click to enlarge)






Komjater society meetings were held monthly in a synagogue in Brooklyn. Most members lived there. One of the banquets was held in the synagogue where Rabbi Balaban, a Komjater, officiated. Steve Lawrence’s father was a Komyater and a troubador named Mendel Liebowitz. Steve, only 16 at that time, performed. Mendel made up rhymes and songs and entertained the group. The ladies of the society catered the parties and brought foods that they had prepared.


Inscription: Presented by B'nai Simon Komjater Society to Mr. & Mrs. L. Rothstein, Dec. 31, 1933

Spread sheet of Komjater Society, Winter 1939-40






Komyat, with the help of G_d; Accounts of Winter 5700 (1939)for the Sons of Shimon Komyater Society in New York. (The first 7 names in left column- Teachers salary in arrears from that period). Heading for column on right- Incoming monies. Words below stamp- Abraham for Krayzman, Accountant.

Chaim Tzvi Yakubovitz


Chaim Leib Kaufman ?


Mordechai Shmulovitz


Yosef Klein


David Neufeld


Yuda Alblovitz ?


Avraham Chaim Weiss


Bedding for guests to sleep


Shmuel Chaim Leibovitz


Yitzchak Klein


Mordechai Maier Grossman


Aharon Neufeld


Raphael Shub Weiss (Shub indicates Shochet)


Moshe Yaakov Berger


For cheder of …   Chaim Tzvi


Aharon Yakubovitz


Chaim ? Krosmatz ? Chaya?


Yaakov Greenspan


Sarah Krosmatz "


Shalmon Borkovitz


Shifra Greenfeld for wedding ….orphan girl


Yechiel Grossman


Michael Weissman


Ebir  ? Son of Yaakov Krosmatz ?


Mordechai Shmulovitz


Yaakov Krosmatz


Shaindel Miavetky ?


Menachem Leibovitz


Sarah Leibovitz


Esther Schwartz


Rivka Leibovitz


Shmelke Kleinman


Paga ….?


Yosef Michel Tzalka


Sholem Feiga Leah Engel...with clothes to...


Shmuel son of Yaakov Leibovitz


Yitzchak Lebbovitz


Shmuel Chaim Leibovitz


Alexander Berger


Shpegin ?


Mordechai Leibovitz




Bringing in Bride


cash balance


4 pair teflilin




Total of all contributions-


Total this column













Postcard sent to Berger family in Komjat, 1941

Leopold (Rottenstein) Rothstein, Secretary-Treasurer of the B’nai Simon Komyater Society in NY, sent this postcard to his brother-in-law Szender Berger, in Komjat in December 1941. It is stamped - Return to sender, service suspended. The cancellation date is Sept 12, 1945. The war had ended.



Dear sister and brother-in-law,
I received your letter and read with joy that on
the 24th you received Eszter Rifke’s letter.
I sent away and received an answer, she is fine.
15 to the teachers,
2 for you
2 to aunt Cilli
2 to Ele Mendel Racelsznek
50 to Chavelinek
50 to Binamin Leizernek
50 to Ruchel mose Rozesnek - Onik
50 to Ruchel Blobstein
50 to Yechiel Grossman
50 to Nute Blobsten – Szolos
We thank G_d are fine. Write just postcards,
hope they’ll arrive.
How are the children? Do they go to school?
Where is Mayer?
Send my kisses and regards.
Your brother Zalman Leib

Details of message sent to Berger family in Komjat. Describes the distribution of money that was sent to Komjat from the B’nai Simon Komjater Society in N.Y. Leopold’s nephew, Moishe Berger, was the head of the society in later years.

The Tragic Story of David Berger

In late January, 1937, David Berger, a young man born in Komjat (Velikiye Komyaty) and living in Antwerp, boarded a ship bound for the U.S. as a stowaway. He hid under a pile of coal which slipped and trapped him. He tapped until he was finally heard by the crew, who shoveled for many hours to finally rescue him. Unfortunately, he died from injuries sustained, and was buried at sea. David Berger was the grandson of Rav Shimon Benjamin Rottenstein of Komjat. (see photo in Rottenstein recollections).



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