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Books About Life in Komjat

The following authors have written books in which they describe their lives in Velikiye Komyaty prior to the Holocaust.

Aranka Siegal

Aranka Siegal spent her summers in Komjat with her grandmother. Born Aranka Davidowitz in Beregszasz, she has written three books, describing her childhood prior to the Holocaust, her years in the camps and after her liberation and memories and lessons taught by her grandmother in Komjat.


Upon the Head of the Goat:

A Childhood in Hungary 1930-1944

  Grace in the Wilderness:

After the Liberation 1945-1948

Memories of Babi 

9 Heartwarming stories based on lessons learned during times spent with her grandmother in Komjat.



Link to Wikipedia's Article on Aranka Siegal



Naftali Deutsch


Naftali recounts his amazing life, from his childhood in Komjat, through his survival in the concentration camps, up to his life today, his family and his success in business.

A Holocaust Survivor:  In The Footsteps Of His Past

Link to Naftali Deutsch's book at Amazon


Harry I. Dunai

Harry I. Dunai was born Izrael Zachariah Deutsch in Komjat. Although deaf, and against all odds, his deafness helped him survive the Holocaust. In his autobiography, he provides a wonderful description of the town of Komjata.


The Harry I. Dunai Story

Surviving In Silence: A Deaf Boy in the Holocaust

Link to Harry Dunai's book at Galludet's University's website



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