Uzhhorod Burial Register

~ Chevra Kadisha Pincus ~
(Burial Society Register)

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Photo: Courtesy of Tomer BRUNNER, Israel

The Uzhhorod Burial Register (1944) was maintained by Emanuel Mendel REISMAN, secretary
of the burial society until 20 April 1944 when he deposited the book in the custody of another.

He was deported to Auschwitz and murdered on 14 Sivan 5704 (5 June 1944).

After WWII, the book was retrieved and maintained by Yaakob MARKOVITCH
who died Pesach 5751 (1991).

Elyahu REISMAN (pictured), of Ramat Gan, had the burial book transferred to Budapest.

Later the book was taken to Israel.

The book is incomplete as it only covers sections one through four,
there are five sections in this cemetery.
Book Cover
Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Tomer BRUNNER, Israel

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