Cherkas'ka Oblast, Ukraine

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Cemetery Plots
First Umaner Benevolent Society
United Hebrew Cemetery
Staten Island, N.Y.

Block 25
Plots 1 to 20

Table of Contents:

Note: The following is a schematic diagram of Block 25. Click on a "blue" name to view the headstone.

Row Grave 1 Grave 2 Grave 3 Grave 4 Grave 5 Grave 6
21: Philip Guber Millie Guber
20: Joseph Widman Anna Widman
19: Pessie Gelfer
10: Irving Lindenbaum Rose Lindenbaum
09: Tedd Schwartz Erwin Schwartz Shirley Schwartz Simon Weinstein G. Harry Weiss Raquel Drahline
08: Celia Silverman Dorothea Goldberg Rose Weinstein Ida Taffel
07: Ysolina Zloich Zloich (reserved) Irving Molow Florence Molow Ethel Molow Solomon Molow
06: Annie Scolar Bessie Burnstein Frieda Jerusalimsky Ida Goldberg Sarah Provorny Jack Provorny
05: Gussie Brodsky Rubinstein Ida Feinerman Anna Siegelman Celia Jivotovsky Fanny Balakirsky Abraham Balakirsky
04: Zelda Gollender Minnie Sharcoff Zetta Cohen Bessie Zaidman Chaya Kalner Esther Shachman
03: Reva Oltish Sarah Zagrabelsky Chasie Aronowitz Sarah Samalman Rivka Zimmerman Helen Guber

table of contents

Row Grave 7 Grave 8 Grave 9 Grave 10 Grave 11 Grave 12
10: Morris Feldman Marion Feldman Florence Samalman
09: Harry Feldman Celia Feldman Olga Schwager Morris Schwager Joseph Berenson Esther Berenson
08: Ida Talanker Jack Talanker Sam Cohen Murray Javin
07: Mary Weiss Bernard Weiss Isidore Burnstein Sam Goldberg Froim Kalner Jacob Zaidman
06: Jennie Kaylo Solomon Kaylo Minnie Lehder Harry Lehder Samuel Fliss Charles Schwager
05: Celia Teplitzky Bernard Teplitzky Samuel Shackman Louis Sigilman Joseph Granofsky Louis Aranowitz
04: Moses Kleinman Isaac Zimmerman Barnie Scolar Nathan Weiner Charles Sharcoff Tuvey Sharcoff
03: Sonia Guber Abraham Jivotovsky Aaron Horowitz Enoch Rosenfeld Aaron Jerusalimsky1 Morris Chramoy2

1. The grave map indicates that grave eleven is set aside for Aaron Solinsky.

2. Row three has thirteen graves; grave thirteen is for Max Zarabelsky, whose marker is a small flat stone.

Note: Row one has four graves 23-26: Weiss, dod 1/21/1939; Shechter, dod 4/2/1938; Zibkow, dod 5/23/1923; Oltish, dod 5/23/1938.

table of contents

Cemetery Plots

Cemetery Map Rows 19-21

Cemetery Map Rows 1-10

table of contents

Headstone photos and plot data were provided by David Schreiber

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