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Coordinates: 41.7151 N, 44.8271 E

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XIX century Tiflis Post Card from NY Public Library


Tbilisi is the capital and the largest city of Georgia (former Soviet Republic) with a population of approximately 1.5 million people. It was first founded in the mid-5th century and until 1936, the name of the city in English and most other languages was Tiflis.

The Jewish population of Georgia has steadily decreased over the years due to Aliyah in response to the political and economic issues. During the 1970s mass emigration took place. About 30, 000 Georgian Jews left to Israel and some to other countries. The number of Jews in Georgia decreased from 28, 300 in 1979 to 24,800 in 1989. Overall, since 1989, 21,134 Jews have moved to Israel . In 1993 the number of Jews in Georgia was estimated at 14,500.

Once numbering as many as 100,000, today the Georgian Jewish population is approximately 13,000.

Tbilisi has the largest Jewish population at 11,000 out of 1.5 million.


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