1936 Picture 383

Extract from doc


This is a document issued in Dzikow, 16.12.1936 and addressed to Administration of Jewish Community in Tarnobrzeg [Zarzad Gminy Wyznaniowej Zydowskiej w Tarnobrzegu]. This is the answer to the letter addressed to Count Tarnowski for wood supplies for synagouge [which was dated 9.12.1936].
County agreed to give order of payment for 1 cord of wood for synagogue and requested to receive this order of payment [by representatives of Jewish Community].
County informs also: "I would like to notice that in this year a Jewish school and a big synagougue have received 1 cord each - together I have given 3 cords of wood for Jewish organizations for this winter.

Beneath: signature of Tarnowski: "Z.T" - [Zdzislaw Tarnowski]