1779 Picture 391

This is a kind odd economic agreement between Count Jan Amor Tarnowski,
lord of Dzikow and Jews from Dzikov represented by Josek Eyzykowicz -
Dzikovian lease-holder, Ankel Mortkowicz, Leybus Nysonowicz.
Jews requested for 220 bushels of barley. Each bushel was expected to
be sold for 6 Polish Zlotys and 9 groszys - together 1393 Polish Zlotys
and 10 groszys.
The money for barley would be paid in 3 part payment:
1) 11 April - in the first week before the Easter - 464 Polish zlotys
and 13 groszys
2) 24 May when Whitsuntide is held - quite similar sum of money
3) 4 July - the last one part of money.

Representatives of Jews certified that money would be paid punctually.
Signed by above-mentioned Jews in Dzikov, 21 March 1779.
It is also mentioned [this part could have been added later, it is
clearly visible] that total sum of money has been decreased to 1356 Polish
Zlotys and 20 groszys as price for one bushel of barley was decided to
be lower by 5 groszys. This change of price of barley was also signed
by representation of Jews.