Research Sources for Tarnobrzeg

  1. Ksiega zapisów majatkowych miasta Tarnobrzega 1793-1863 [The book of the property transactions of the city of Tarnobrzeg].
  2. Akta miasta Tarnobrzega 1825-1944 [The Tarnobrzeg City Records].
  3. Ksiega Zydów nie nalezacych do gminy miasta Tarnobrzega 1843-1948 [The book of Jews who do not belong to the Tarnobrzeg commune].
  4. Ksiega Ruchu Ludnosci 1901-1905 [The migration book]. This book can indicate when the Neuwirth family left the city of Tarnobrzeg.

  5. The records presented above may contain some records (deeds, wills, sale and purchase). It is recommended to research them.
  • Other sources in the State Archive in Przemysl
    1. Akta Noatriuszy Tarnobrzega 1872-1934 [The Tarnobrzeg Notary records]. These are fantastic records for property and also genealogical research. All deeds, wills, sale and purchase and many other records can be found there. They are definitely recommended for the research.
    2. Sad Powiatowy w Tarnobrzegu 1863-1956 [The District Court in Tarnobrzeg]. All trials and other cases can be found there.
    3. C.K. Starostwo Powiatowe w Tarnobrzegu 1851-1918 [The Royal County Records of Tarnobrzeg].
  • Other sources in the State Archive in Kraków
    1. Tarnobrzeg 1681-1829 [The City of Tarnobrzeg Records]. Probably a good source for early Jews in Tarnobrzeg. However so far it was not possible to find what kind of records it may contain.
  • Other sources in the State Archive in Rzeszów
    1. Stowarzyszenie “Chewra Kadische” w Tarnobrzegu 1894-1935 [The “Chewra Kadische” Association in Tarnobrzegu].
  • Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People, P.O. Box 1149, Jerusalem 91010, Israel. One roll of micro-film for Tarnobrzeg
    1. Records, years 1814, 1816 and 1822
    2. Propinary mieyskiey sipia na sat (Documents about the right to sell small amounts of vodka. See <Documents><Alcohol> for more about this)
    3. Zydow miastezka tarnobrzega ktorzy czynsz a garciow gorzateranych do
    4. Note from Jews of the small town of Tarnobrzeg who have to pay a treasury a rent for a distillery pots. With names in Polish and Hebrew. They will copy pages costly.
    5. HM2/8946.18 - Correspondence regarding the registration of the Mizrachi organization, said to include list of members.
    6. HM2/9177.2 - Correspondence regarding immigrants from Russia, 1888-91, including lists.
    7. HM2/9042.7 - Correspondence with district authorities regarding communal elections 1933-38.
  • The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation Genealogy Project at the Jewish Historical Institute of Poland, ul. Tlomackie 3/5, 00-090 Warsaw, Poland.
  • Yale Reisner has some confiscating of property records. e-mail Donations accepted
  • Located at the Regional Archives of Poland, in Sandomierzc
    1. Census for Tarnobrzeg and Dzikow, for the year 1880
    2. Books of movement of inhabitants for the town of Tarnobrzeg year 1901-1905 (Changes of addresses were registered by the authorities)
    3. Books of inhabitants of Tarnobrzeg municipality, year 1925, some earlier years
    4. Books of inhabitants of people moving out of town, years 1929-1939
    5. Books of Jews, not inhabitants of the town of Tarnobrzeg 1843-1948
  • Located at the Civil Registration Office in Tarnobrzeg USC
    1. Birth records, years 1889-1901 1903-1932 1935 1937-1940
  • Located at the Regional Archives of Poland, in Przemysl
    1. Census for Tarnobrzeg and Dzikow for the years 1786 and 1888
    2. Lviv Cadastral records, call # Josephiman V-252 Franciscan V-51, according to John-Paul Himka's book
  • Archiwum Panstwowe w Krakowie Oddziale I Archiwum (Wawel / Castle)
    1. Tarnowski family records from 1310-1951 including the 1772, 1783, 1788 and 1790 census with no last names and the 1791 has last names. Some of the years show listings for both Jews and Christians. There are tax lists, 1867 maps, proclamations, plot maps, court documents and many undiscovered other types of papers. Indexed by Antoniego Schneidra in book form and located at the Wawel.
      This is a large collection. See article in Heritage Quest magazine May/June 2002 issue for more.
  • Archiwum Panstwowe w Przemyslu
    1. Notary records from 1872-1873, 1873-1874, 1875-1885, 1885-1889, 1892-1903, 1904-1920,1922-1923, 1923-1925, 1926-1934
  • Ellis Island Datase for the town Tarnobrzeg