Ha Magid

Ha Magid from Tarnobrzeg

HaMagid was a weekly Hebrew newspaper, published in Lyck, and distributed throughout the Pale of Settlement. It began publishing in 1858. Now and then over the years, when a disaster befell a Jewish community or, in later years, as Jews from Eastern Europe began settling in Palestine and were in need of funds to help them survive there, the editor of HaMagid, would publish an appeal for help in the newspaper. Readers in cities and shtetls who subscribed to HaMagid, would take up a collection from friends, co-workers, and neighbors and send in the money to HaMagid, together with a list of the contributors. Sometimes, they would also include a short description of their shtetl, or a flowerly letter stating how their shtetl had responded to the cries of their fellow Jews. In future issues of HaMagid, under the title of Nedavot (donations), the paper would print the name of the town in large letters, and underneath the name, reprint the ! letter (if one was sent), together with the list of contributors and the amount they contributed.

How does this help for genealogy? Sometimes, these donor lists can be helpful in ascertaining that a relative lived in the shtetl in a given year. Sometimes a family surname can be found indicating a relative one did not know of. Sometimes (though rarely), family relations are spelled out in the list (i.e. Shlomo Brechstein, son in law
of Avraham Bloch). Sometimes the amount given might indicate the relative wealth of the individual. Please note that the absence of a name simply means that they did not donate, not that a person was or wasn't living in the shtetl.

Hope this is of help. Rabbi Jeff Marx, of Los Angeles, California

February 17th, 1897
Mrs. Mirel Engelberg gave 50z値 to bless the marriage of her son Kalman Drucker to Yechiel Bloom

July 8th, 1897
The committee of Aten Tweg Zebel, Masha Schlissel, Bora Schalonskiva, Yakov Krevishare, Issac Vislink, Yahel Lamb, Yakov Sipilfogel, Joel Rosenbaum, Zahara Ginsburg, and Mordach Hirsh Schlissel donate in the honor of Mosha Fifle Shire.

August 12th, 1897
The following made donations; Rosenfeld, Wesienfeld, Youch Stern, Chapti Kisenbaum, Asher Monheit in honor Kalman Drucker wedding. Chawa Engelberg, 50z値 in honor of her daughter痴 wedding to Kalman. Weinluk Permutter, Mahal Sticklie in honor of their daughter Kochella Pearlmutter. Mordiah and Salom Lamb, 50z値 for the newsletter. Wesienfeld, Swee Hauser, Yakoff Omp, Yahel Brand, Elemilika Fuks and Yahel Wesienberg also made a donation.

September 23th, 1897
Misters; Chaim Engelberg, Moishe Sapir, A. Engelberg, Yechiel Bloom, Meir Engelberg and Yosef Heizer each gave 25z値 to bless Mr. Feivel Engelberg on his wedding day.

Dr. William Reben gave the native 50 kronen, as a congratulation donation to all those who gathered in Basel, Switzerland for the Zionist Congress. The Eretz Israel company also donates 30z値 in honor of the congress. Yechiel Lamm in addition gives 30z値
Mrs. Liebel Engelberg gives 30z値 in honor of Leib Engelberg wedding.

Donors on November 25, 1897 were,
Yeduha Waseman, Yablomone, Shalo Blustein, Abraham Hiltzlier, David Drife, Elcava Bernfeld. Dr Goodman, Edwod Nadelman, Moshe Kerner sent 9 telegrams each giving 2.80z値.

December 9th, 1897
I congratulate my friend Mr. Avraham Ya誕cov Kirshenboim with Mazel tov on his wedding day and in his honor, I donate 30z値.

January 27, 1898
Abraham Wesienfeld, 25z値 to bless Joseph Fine, on his wedding day.

August 5th, 1898
Mordechai Lam donates 20z値 in honor of his brother痴 Yechiel engagement.