Birth Documents

1904 Tarnobrzeg Birth Document

Birth certificate copied from the original birth register in 1920 when Markus or Mordko Wolf left Tarnobrzeg to go to America.

Born: February 10, 1904.

House: 353 in Tarnobrzeg (this would be the lot on the cadastral map of the town.)

Parents Mariatal Status: Married

Parents Names:
Father: Mojzesz Jakob Wolf

Mother: Perl Ryfka maiden name Wiesenfeld, daughter of Rafael and Szyfra Wiesenfeld from Tarnobrzeg.

Bris: The Sandak at the bris was Symche Tobias Edler.
The mohel was Schmuel Just.

Midwife: Pessel Primastlich?

1904 Birth Document