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Ó-Dávidháza Yesterday
Postcard: Photographer unknown

Stare Davydkovo Today
Photo credit: Marshall KATZ, USA


~ Palanok Castle ~
Postcard: Photographer unknown

Palanok Castle is visible from Stare Davydkovo.

Palanok Castle is located on a volcanic hill overlooking the city of Mukachevo and surrounding villages. It was originally constructed during the 14th century and its structure has undergone major modifications throughout the ages. In 1396, the Ruthenian Prince Fyodor Koriatovych purchased the city of Mukachevo, and settled in the castle. It remained in his family for almost 200 years. During the early 18th century, Francis II Rákóczi began his anti-Hapsburg uprising from his residence in Palanok. The castle was given by the Hapsburgs to the Schönborn family, who were responsible for an expansion of the town and brought German settlers to the region. The castle was surrounded by a deep ditch that contained a high wooden fence called "Palanok;" hence, it's name. Today, the castle is used as a museum, and there is a room dedicated to the Jewish history of the Mukachevo region and to commemorate those Jews who were murdered in Auschwitz.

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