Sokolivka, Ukraine
Sokolivka: סוקוליבקה
Yustingrad: יוסטינגרד

Sokolivka, Sokolovka, Sokliefka, Sokolowka, Sokoluvka,
Stara Vies, Zaluzie, Zahojpole, Zahajpol,
Yustingrad, Justingrad, Ustingrad, Justynhrad

Lat. 4901, Long. 3008
District: Lipovets, Province: Kiev

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Town Records

  • The JewishGen Ukraine Database
    The Kiev Gubernia Duma Voters list includes 1907 listings from Yustingrad
    The Russian Empire, Jewish Religious Personnel, 1853-1854 list includes Yustingrad too
    A list of Yustingrad names in the Ukraine Database
  • JewishGen Ukraine SIG
  • Sokolovka is represented in the 1897 Russian Empire population census - is that where Justingrad is too? This Ukrainian portion of the census has not been transcribed yet.
  • Lists of names from the 1919 Pogroms
  • Sokolivka Jewish Cemetery on Naberezhnaya street
  • International Jewish Cemetery Project: Sokliefka-Justingrad

    Life in Sokolivka and Immigration Records

  • Three texts detail much information about life in Sokolivka/Justingrad [1, 2, 3]. All three of the books provide accounts by previous town residents and two of these are available online [1, 3]. An online review of [2] contains a map of Yustingrad and a brief Jewish history of the town.
  • Sokolivker Basia Chtourman's 1926-1927 visa, boat journey and death are well publicized in genealogical sources. Here she is in Sokolivka sometime before 1913 with her husband Pinchus and her mother Chava Bat Sheva Koplevetzky - a good example of the typical Sokolivka dress. Her grandson Jack Ablove describes what it was like for women in Sokilivka through the story of his mother whose husband emigrated 9 years before she did.
  • Yustingrad (and variant names and spellings) is represented in boat sources, such as Yustingrader names in Ellis Island records

    Societies and Buriel Plots in Israel and the United States

    Buffalo, NY, Israel, New York City, and Philadelphia, PA were identified in the literature as Sokolivker immigration destinations.
  • Buffalo, NY Sokolivkers:
    Sokelifker Landsleit Society of Buffalo NY has a memorial and graves on Pine Ridge Road in Cheektowaga, NY
  • See [1] for Israeli Sokolivkers
  • New York/New Jersey Sokolivkers:
    First Sokolowker Kranken Unt. Verein, Inc.: Mt. Hebron Block 57, Path 13; and Wellwood Block 40, Section 3 [This is some question about whether this is Sokolovker, UKR or not]
    Justengrader Young Men's Benevolent Association: New Montefiore Section 3, Block 12
    Justingrader Lodge #553 IOBA: Montefiore Block 86, Gate 115/N
    Sokolifker Keneller Fraternal Association, Inc.: Beth David (Elmont) Section B, Block 2
    Sokolifker Fraternal Association: New Montefiore Section 4, Block 14
  • Philadelphia Sokolivkers:
    In [2], Philadelphians are noted as having contributed to the Beth David (Elmont) memorial.

    Some grave information has been transcribed in the JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR): New Monetefiore Section 4, Block 14 and Beth David (Elmont) Section B Block 2. I have images of the graves in Buffalo and plan to eventually submit the information to the JOWBR. Buffalo has no online indexes (yet), but some of the other cemeteries list their own interment search.

    Sokolivka/Justingrad Yizkor Books and Bibliography

  • [1] Kibbutz Mashabei Sadei 1971. Yustingrad-Sokolivka; ayara shenehreva [Yustingrad-Sokolivka; a town that was destroyed]. The full book (in Hebrew) is available online at the New York Public Library.
  • [2] Miller, Leo and Diana F Miller. 1983. Sokolievka/Justingrad : a century of struggle and suffering in a Ukrainian shtetl, as recounted by survivors to its scattered descendants. New York: Loewenthal Press (reviewed by the Portland State Library).
  • [3] Gillman, Joseph M. (Joseph Moses), 1888-1968. The B'nai Khaim in America; a study of cultural change in a Jewish group, by Joseph M. Gillman in collaboration with Etta C. Gillman. Philadelphia, Dorrance. The full book (in English) is available online.
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