Lists of Names from the 1919 Pogroms

There are numerous lists of the names of those listed as killed in the 1919 progroms [1, p. 66 - 71 in Hebrew, ie Images 70-75 available online; 2, p. 92-94 in English and p 132-137 in Hebrew; and 3, cemetery memorial posts in Hebrew].

After the pogroms, the deceased were brought to the Sokolivka cemetery, identified, and then some relatives filled in ages and surnames. A list was printed in Kishinev and Basarabia called "Yustingrader Relief." Yehuda Blank's name is also mentioned in this context.

Names from the Beth David (Elmont) memorials to the massacres [3] include those from the towns of Sokolivka and Kennel [Konela]. The lists are all alphabetized via the Hebrew/Yiddish orderings and there is also some discrepancies between the lists. Here I have ordered by English surname, which is mostly reordered from [4]. See [2] for a variant on the English transliterations.

Abramav, David ben Joshua
Abramov, Joshua
Abramov, Resee
Abramson, Dov ben Joshua
Alaiz, Alter ben Abraham Zvi
Alaiz, Gedaliah Aaron
Alayetz, Baruch ben Chayyim Moshe, 25
Alayetz, Chayyim Moshe
Alayetz, Joseph ben Mendl
Alayetz, Meir ben Chayyim Moshe, 20
Alayetz, Mendl ben Joseph
Alayetz, Yehuda (yudle) ben Chayyim Moshe, 17
Alayetz, Yitchack ben Chayyim Moshe, 30
Albitter, David ben Zeev
Asriel's Baruch from the town of Stavishtsh, 26
Axelrod, Fishel, 22
Beloslavsky, Azriel of Konelo, 20
Berdichevsky, Chayim
Berestishevsky, Joseph
Berkovitch, Shmerl ben Shimon, 28
Berkun, Baruch ben Mordechai
Berkun, Isaac
Berkun, Meir ben Mordechai
Berkun, Mordechai
Berlin, Hershel ben Avraham, 23
Berlin, Hershl ben Pessl
Berlin, Pessl Libe's
Berlin, Shmuel
Bernstein, Yehoshua ben Zvi, 20
Bershadsky, Meir ben Shmuel
Blank, Benie ben Yisroel, 26
Blecher, Yeshayah of Antonovkeh, 24
Bogomolny, Abraham son-in law of Rivke Libe Leah's, 26
Bogomolny, Rivke (Beigelmachern)
Bosovsky, Leib
Bosovsky, Mordecai
Brestizersky, Velvl of villiage of Chizneh, 32
Buchansky, Chayim ben Jacob, 19
Burchansky (Burshansky?) Shlomo
Burcot, Shammai brother of the blind locksmith, 25
Burd, Hannah wife of Pinie Nestrivker, 60
Burdl, Abraham ben Yudel Krupnick
Burdle, Abraham ben Pinie and Hannah, 23
Burstein, Michael ben Levi the barber, 28
Buslier, Abraham son-in-law of Kutzi the musician, 20
Buslier, Jacob
Buslier, Yisroel-Ber
Buslier, Zurach
Cohen, Berl of Zashkov, 20
Dashevski, Aaron David
Dashevsky, Shlomo
Dizik, Baruch ben Dov, 24
Dizik, Berl ben Yisroel, 17
Dolgenos, Eliyahu (Alic) ben Menachem-Nachum, 40
Dolman, Chaya (Channah) bat Mosheh-Aharon, 30
Dolman, Raphael
Dozoretz, Chayim ben Shmuel Abba, 25
Dozoretz, Feiga Yenteh
Dozoretz, Leib
Dozoretz, Mendel ben Zelig, 28
Dozoretz, Rachel of the village of chizna
Dratch, Aaron
Dratch, Beny ben Yitzhak
Dratch, Geduliuh
Dratch, Hershl
Dratch, Mendel ben Beny, 21
Dratch, Mordecai (Motl) ben Shmuel, 19
Dratch, Shmuel
Dratch, Yaacov
Dratch, Yaakov ben Mosheh Leib the butcher, 29
Dratch, Yisroel ben Yechiel, 17
Dubinsky, Yaacov
Dubrev, Mosheh (from the village of Dubrei)
Duchovny, Benie ben Yekuthiel, 21
Duchovny, Mordecai ben Pinchas, 19
Feldman, Velvl ben Tinchas, 23
Feldman, Yitchack ben Perestz Leib
Futernick, Mordecai (Motl) ben David Hirsh
Geisinsky, Shimon ben Yitzchak-Yoel the Shochet, 28
Gelman, Basyah
Gendzl, Berry ben David Leize (killed in front of his wife Sarah), 36
Glanz, Efrayim ben Pinchas, 18
Goldstein, Shmuel Leib
Goloboy, Motl of Zashkiv, 23
Gorochod, Simchah ben David-Mosheh the Melamed, 28
Gorochovsky, Meli
Gorochovsky, Shimon
Greenberg, Berl son of (son-in-law of?) Beni Chaye's, 28
Grossman, Ephrayim ben Zisi
Hendler, Shmuel Leib
Hurwitz, Keila
Hurwitz, Mordecai
Idlson, Chayim of Byale-Zerkov, 16
Kaga, Fita
Kagan, Beny
Kalika (Kolikov?) Avraham ben Sheftl the baker, 17
Kanyevsky, Beny ben Nisanel (Sani), 42
Kaprow, Bunie Rivah the daughter of Yehoshua, killed by the Nazis
Kaprow, Ephrayim
Kaprow, Gedaliah ben Yechiel, 24
Kaprow, Michel ben Yacov, 23
Kaprow, Mosheh ben Avraham the Cantor, 18
Kaprow, Sarah
Kaprow, Velvl ben Yacov, 18
Kaprow, Yacov ben Beny (Modcheh Gedaliah's), 18
Kaprow, Yacov Mosheh ben Meir the builder, 20
Kleiner, Shmuel ben Yakov
Klotzman, Aaron
Klotzman, Berl ben Shimon, 20
Klotzman, Pesach ben Shimon, 23
Klotzman, Shmuel ben Yacov
Koralnik (Krulick?) Pesach Leib ben Mosheh, 30
Krasilevsky, Ezra
Krasnow, Yacov
Kreiden, Beileh
Kreiden, Hinda
Kreiden, Reuven
Kuperman, Aaron ben Eliezer grandson of Efrayim, 17
Kuperman, Efrayin ben Aaron David
Kuperman, Sarah wife of Ephraim
Kupleyevitzky, Abraham ben Nachman
Kupleyevitzky, Muni ben Nachman
Kupleyevitzky, Nachman
Kupleyevitzky, Pesach ben Nachman
Kuzminsky, Eliyahu (Alick 16 son of Shumel the Shochet)
Kvasnoy, Sarah, 45
Kvasnoy, Shimon the barber
Kvasnoy, Shlomo ben Shimon, 18
Kvitko, Shlomo
Lagvinsky, Simcha ben Nachman-Hirsh the Carpenter, 17
Liamitz, Esther wife of Yudel Shlomoh the Shames, 35
Liamitz, Menasheh
Liamitz, Rivkeh
Liamitz, Yacov ben Yitzchack
Liamitz, Yoseph ben Yitzchack, the drawer of water, 25
Linevitch, Yacov ben Alter, 31
Liphitz, Chayim, ben Ephrayim
Lippes, Chayim ben Ephrayim, 16
Lippes, Leib ben Ephrayim, 30
Lisnovsky, Joseph ben (son-in-law?) Baruch Grossman, 35
Manyevitch, Chayim
Manyevitch, Chayim ben Mosheh Kolot, 24
Manyevitch, Mordecai (Motl) ben Manashek, 24
Manyevitch, Mosheh
Matichin, Yacov ben Ephrayim Shimon, 24
Mendel, Abraham from Stawiscze, 20
Mendel, Gedalyah ben Yehoshua, grandson of the Rebbe, 22
Mirotchnick, Leib son in law of Moseh Kolot, 28
Mirotchnick, Shimon of Zashkiv, 28
Mosheh, Mordecai, Chanah Rivki's
Mudrick, Zeidl son in law of Asher Stelmach, 28
Munavena, Shalom
Musicant, Leibi ben Yacov (brother of Yacob, Paprush's), 16
Mutchinick, Yacov son of the teacher from Lisihora, 26
Muzicker, Shmuel Leib
Niscovolsky, Shlomo ben Yitzchack, Weiner, 19
Novomeisky, Mordecai
Novomeisky, Yisroel ben Mordecai, 24
Obshadsky, Beni-Melech
Obshadsky, Chaya bat Motl, 30
Odesser, Moshe ben Beni, 17
Olshansky, Abraham ben Israel, 18
Pecker, Avraham ben Yitzchack, 16
Pecker, David ben Yacov
Pekkand, Yacov
Pibludny, Eliezer ben Mosheh, 55
Pilutzky, Zidel
Polinovsky, Shlomo of Kislin, 27
Polishtchuck, Avraham Leib ben Zegi, 22
Polishtchuck, Yitzchack ben Eliezer, 26
Polishtchuck, Yosef ben Zevi, 19
Poon Hershl ben Yitzchak, 28
Poon, Menasheh ben Yeshayeh
Poon, Mosheh
Poon, Pesach ben Leib, 18
Poon, Shimon ben Manasheh
Povzeh Avraham ben Mosheh, killed by the Nazis
Pozarny, Avraham Ber ben Nachman, 45
Pozarny, Berl ben Gedaliah, 16
Pozarny, Michel ben Levy, 23
Pribludny, Abraham ben Eliezer, 17
Pushkalinksky, Yitzchak
Rabinowitz, Avraham
Rabinowitz, Meir
Rabinowitz, Rabbi Pinchas son of Rabbi Gedalia-Ahron, the Rabbi of Sokolivka
Rabinowitz, Yacov
Raboy, Blumeh
Raboy, Rishl of Zashkiv, 22
Rakook, Ephrayim ben Alter, 35
Rakoon, Ben ben Yehoshua the shoemaker, 18
Rakoon, Leah
Rakoon, Mendl
Rakoon, Yacov Mosheh
Rakoon, Yeseph
Rakoon, Yitzchak Leib ben Mosheh
Raskolenko, Reuven ben (son in law?) Mosheh Yitzchack Nachman's, 26
Reirgorodsky, Yitzchack ben Chayim, 30
Reiter, Payah
Ribludny, Avraham ben Eliezer, 17
Rilov, Meir ben Chayim
Rilov, Mosheh
Rosenber, Velvil ben Zevi, 17
Rosenberg, Pesach ben Levi
Rovner, Chasyah
Rovner, Velvl ben David
Serotte, Eliezer ben Yitzchak, 20
Serotte, Mordecai ben Abba the smith, 16
Serotte, Mosheh
Serotte, Motl ben Yitzchak, 17
Serotte, Shmuel
Shechtman, Mendl
Shechtman, Sarah
Shneiderman, Chayah Golda
Shor, David
Shturman, Mosheh
Shuman, Michel ben Gedaliah, 25
Shuman, Michel of Konlla
Shuman, Motie ben Yitzchack
Sklar, Chaya
Sklar, Mendel the son of Eztra the glazier, 17
Sklar, Michl
Smikun, Chayim ben Mosheh (ben Yacov Mosheh the tailor), 23
Snitzer, Sarah bat David, 21
Snitzer, Yitzchack ben Eliyahu
SnitzerYitzchack ben Zev, 60
Spector, Avraham ben Shalom, 12
Spector, Chanah
Spector, Freideh
Spector, Leml ben Shalom, 26
Spector, Meir
Spivak, Zeidle ben Avraham, 18
Startch, Yitzchak Leib
Suchenko, Yecheskel ben Gedalia, 25
Suchenko, Yoel
Tarashtshuck, Chayim ben Levi the musician, 17
Tarashtshuck, Eliyahu
Tarnovsky, Abraham ben Hershl, 23
Tarnovsky, Chayim ben Levi
Tarnovsky, Hershl the blacksmith
Tarnovsky, Zev ben Levi
Tarshtshuck, Sender ben Leib (Levi?)
Telever, Avraham
Telislevsky, Muni ben Yeseph Chayim, 23
Telislevsky, Yeseph Chayim, the Melamed
Telisshevsky (a woman)
Tinkelman, Zevi Yehoshua ben Zev
Tisman, Yoseph son in law of Basyah the lame, 24
Tsbernos, Mosheh ben Menachem, 30
Tsherbis, Leib ben Nachman, 55
Tshernos, Menachem, 58
Tshernos, Sheulkie ben Menachem
Umansky, Aaron ben Shlomo, 29
Umansky, Meir of Uman, 20
Umansky, Shmuel Leib
Vasilkov, David
Vinokur, Leib ben Zev the Melamed, 17
Vinyevitz, Mosheh
Virutzky, Shimon
Vlodarsky, Zeidl from the city of Stavihtz, 18
Vobnosboy, Simchah ben David, 16
Volanitz, Yudel ben Chayim Mosheh
Vorcmansky, Abraham
Voronio, Yitzchak ben Yisroel Dov
Voronivsky, Mordecai
Vorsmansky, Berl ben Avraham
Voskov, Chana and her 2 children
Voskov, Mosh ben David Lipener, 32
Zadnovsky, Shlomo son in law of Levi the Red/Roiter, 28
Zilberg, Elyakum
Zinder, Abraham ben Shmuel Yacov
Zinder, Freideh
Zslavsky, Yacob ben Chayim Zavil's, 32
Zuboty, Hershel ben Avroham, 18
Zubrinsky, Berl the Hatter
Zubrinsky, Yosef ben Berl, 18
Zusman, Yosef

[1]. Kibbutz Mashabei Sadei 1971. Yustingrad-Sokolivka; ayara shenehreva [Yustingrad-Sokolivka; a town that was destroyed]. The full book (in Hebrew) is available online at the New York Public Library.
[2]. Miller, Leo and Diana F Miller. 1983. Sokolievka/Justingrad : a century of struggle and suffering in a Ukrainian shtetl, as recounted by survivors to its scattered descendants. New York: Loewenthal Press.
[3]. Beth David (Elmont) cemetery memorial posts (in Hebrew).
[4]. Translations from Norman Ablove's Sokolivka collection

Beth David (Elmont) Memorial Post

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