Faces In Skala

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1. Hudya (Ada) Menchel and Shenzie Ruchel Menchel Mehlman
2. Hersh Eliyah Wiesenthal
3. Meier Wiesenthal
4. Frieda Zwirnbaum Weidenfeld

5. Feivish (Shraga) Gottesfeld and his mother Esther Wiesenthal Gottesfeld
6. Josef Leib Gottesfeld, his wife Dora, his cousin, Moshe Efraim Wiesenthal and friend
7. Miriam Wiesenthal Stern and her husband Abish (Adolf) Stern

8. Zechariyah Wiesenthal
9. Jewish Soldiers in the Polish Army (1927)
10. Zechariyah Wiesenthal and his wife Brucha (Berta) Schwarzbach Wiesenthal

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