Hudya And Sheinzie Ruchel Menchel

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HUDYA (ADA) MENCHEL and SHENZIE RUCHEL MENCHEL MEHLMAN were daughters of Miriam Wiesenthal and Menachem Menchel, Hudya (born 1897) and her mother emigrated to New York in 1911; Hudya died in Florida in the 1980s. Ruchel (born 1878) married Hersh Mehlman, the owner of a mill in the Russian town on the other side of the bridge across the Zbruch River. When her mother was emigrating from Skala, soldiers from the czar's army helped Ruchel to slide across the frozen river, so that she could see her mother for the last time. Ruchel and her family never were heard from after World War I and were believed to have perished in the pogroms that plagued Ukraine during the Russian revolution.

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