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Shchadryn (Shchedrin), Belarus


The Minsk Gubernia, Belarus (Belorussia) town also known as:










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About Schedrin
Founding of Schedrin, by Joseph Schneersohn
History of the Family Golodetz, by Dr. Lazar Golodetz
Shchedrin, Nahum Goldmann Museum
Sara Plotkin: An Oral History (Excerpt)
Beloved Schedrin, by Chayim Yeshinovsky (Bobruisk Yiskor Book, p. 806)
In Shedrin, by Y. L. Katznelson (Bobruisk Yiskor Book, p. 806)
Soviet Schedrin, by Yehuda Slutsky (Bobruisk Yiskor Book, p. 821-824)
A Schedrin/Bobruisk Travelogue, by Sheldon Benjamin and Family
From Schedrin to Pittsburgh...and Back Again
Schedrin 2008: Essay and Photos by Simon W. Rabkin


Schedrin Families
Jewish Family Names in Schedrin
Schedrin Family Researchers
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Andrew Sverdlove's Scadryn Genealogy


Schedrinners in New Worlds
From Schedrin to Sioux City
Pittsburgh Schedrinners


Minsk & Bobruisk, Belarus
1897 Belarus Jewish Population (Census)
Belarus (World Jewish Congress Overview)
Bobruisk and its surroundings (Memorial Book)
Bobruisk, Belarus (ShtetLinks)
Bobruisk Yiskor Memorial Book
Travel Agents in Belarus (
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Belarus Special Interest Group (JewishGen)
Family Finder Search (JewishGen)
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Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora
Shchedrin Family Researchers

Andrew Sverdlove's L'Dor V'Dor Scadryn Genealogy

When looking on Jewishgen and other genealogy sites, be sure to use the following spellings for the town name: Shedrin, Schedrin, Shtchedrin, Shchedrin, Zhedrin, as well as the current variant, Scadryn.


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Belarus Given Names Database (JewishGen)
Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in Russian Empire
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Ellis Island Immigration Records
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Jewish Communities of the World, World Jewish Congress
Jewish History Resource Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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Belarus: Google and Yahoo


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International Tracing Services
The International Tracing Service (ITS) in Bad Arolsen serves victims of Nazi persecutions and their families by documenting their fate through the archives it manages. The ITS preserves these historic records and makes them available for research.



* Seliba may or may not be another name for the village known as Shchedrin. It appears in parenthesis after the Schedrin name on the 1897 cenus, but apparently nowhere else. There was a large farm about three miles out of town called Selibka - could this be the source of the parenthetical entry? There is a town Seliba (Celiba) in Belarus, but in the Igumen uezd. (Information provided by Michael Steinore). If you have any other information, please let us know.



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Harry Katz: Pittsburgh Schedrinners

Belarus, Minsk & Schedrin Maps

Goldmann Museum: Schedrin

Kaplans: From Schedrin to Sioux City

Family Names in Schedrin

Founding of Schedrin

Sara Plotkin

Schedrin Family Researchers

Russian Law & Jewish Farming

Schedrin Descedents

What's in a Name?

Schedrin Reunions

History of the Family Golodetz

Evolution of Names


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