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German Hebrew writer. He wrote a Hebrew-German dictionary and thesaurus, studies of the liturgy, a collection of proverbs, an encyclopedia of arts and sciences, and commentaries on Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed and Judah ha-Levi's Kuzari. (1733-1805)

Work in progress

Dear Satanovers' Descendants,

If you have any documents, photos, or stories about Satanov, please share them with us! Any information about your Satanov ancestors and their life will help us to create this long awaited tribute to the town so reach in Jewish history .

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An early leader of the Haskalah movement. (1749-1826)

The author or, more precisely, the composer of Shloshe Shearim ("Three Portals") the most widely circulated of the tkhines, Yiddish-language prayer booklets intended mainly for Jewish women.[ published in the eighteenth century]

A modernist Hebrew poet, novelist, and diarist. (May 15, 1891-1944)

A scholar, author, and educator and advocate of Yiddish Study. (1901 – 15 November 1995

An American painter and sculptor (1899-1988)

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