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This web site is dedicated to the study of the Jewish community of the town of Rudki.
Now in the Ukraine, formerly in Galicia, a province of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

LOCATION: 49°39' N 23°29' E 509 km W of Kyyiv
OTHER NAMES: Rudky, Rudki [Rus], Ridik [Yid], Riduk, Rudik, [Heb] רודקי
NEAREST LARGE CITY: 26 miles WSW of L'viv (Lwow)

Rudki Sign
The sign for Rudki - 1996

"There are stars whose radiance  is visible on earth though they have long been extinct.
There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world
though they are no longer 
among the living.
These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark.
They light the way for humankind."

Hanna Szenes

יש כוכבים שאורם מגיע ארצה רק כאשר הם עצמם אבדו ואינם"
יש אנשים שזיו זכרם מאיר רק כאשר הם אינם יותר בתוכנו 
 "אורות אלה – המבהיקים בחשכת הלילה הם שמראים לאדם את הדרך
חנה שנס

Rudki Memorial-Israel
Memorial to the town of Rudki
Holon, Israel

Municipal Building on the left and Korzo Street on the right between the World Wars

Municipal Building - 1971


Rudki is a small town in Lviv Oblast, a province in Ukraine. The population (according to the 2001 Ukrainian Census, as quoted in Wikipedia) is 4,942.
The Jewish population grew from 1350 in 1888, to 1722 in 1900, and 2500 at the beginning of WWII, with 1300 Poles and 200 Ukrainians, this was over 50% of the town's population.
Today, there are no Jews left in the town.

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