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Resident Taxpayer Lists

This first document below is the 1863 Jewish Taxpayer list from Raczki in 1863.  The document was discovered and photograhed by Alex Friedlander at Archiwum Panstwowe w Suwalkach, Ulica Kosciuszki 69, Suwalki in Fond 1073: Microfilm copies from Vilnius Archive of Suwalki Gubernia Jewish Community.  The original list has up to 4 different names (given names, fathers given name, surnames, etc) per individual. When two given names are found the second is usually the father's given name. The list below is in alphabetic order. Original pages for the 1863 list can be reviewed by clicking on the group below that includes the prson's REC#:

Records: 1-21 22-41 42-60 61-82 83-103 104-124 125-146 147-168 169-189 190-211 212-231 232-251 252-263

NOTE -  The 49  names on the 1826 Raczki list which follows this list were also published in an article on Financial records at AGAD for eight towns. (Landsmen, vol 1, nos 3-4, Winter-Spring 1991).  In a few cases there are slightly different rendering of names due to handwriting interpretations.


REC# Given names(s) Surname Occupation residence Location outside Raczki
131 Nacham Arzalkowski tailor Raczki
262 Dawid Aueron dealer/peddler Komazowka 7.0 miles S Augustow
263 Israel Aueron dealer/peddler Cimochowizna 12.0 miles NE Raczki
80 Abram Ber Austern tailor Raczki
1 Leizor Austern dealer/peddler Raczki
259 Mowsza Bakewski dealer/peddler Bialobrzegi 3.0 miles S Augustow
198 Judel Barzynski day-laborer Raczki
83 Abram Bejlowicz butcher Raczki
82 Mejer Bejlowicz butcher Raczki
32 Soloma Bejlowicz butcher Raczki
160 Mortchaj Benjaminowicz tailor Raczki
135 Mowsza Berkowicz tailor Raczki
31 Abram Icko Berwald dealer/peddler Raczki
89 Chaim Hersz Berwald dealer/peddler Raczki
81 Icko Berwald tailor Raczki
33 Jochim Berwald dealer/peddler Raczki
205 Boruch Berzynski day-laborer Raczki
84 Jankiel Berzynski shoemaker Raczki
204 Jankiel Berzynski shoemaker Raczki
201 Szmojlo Bialoblocki day-laborer Raczki
258 Hjlel Bialobrzcski dealer/peddler Bialobrzegi 3.0 miles S Augustow
257 Jeko Bialobrzcski dealer/peddler Bialobrzegi 3.0 miles S Augustow
200 Fiszko Blacharz day-laborer Raczki
2 Faibis Bleiberg dealer/peddler Raczki
250 Abram Borowski dealer/peddler Gorczyca 18.0 miles SE Raczki
242 Jankiel Ljzerowicz Borowski innkeeper Osada Hepsk?
251 Michel Borowski dealer/peddler Gorczyca 18.0 miles SE Raczki
248 Rubin Boruchowicz dealer/peddler Strękowizna 12.4 miles SE Raczki
87 Chonel Brener shoemaker Raczki
147 Meier Brener shoemaker Raczki
86 Mendel Brener shoemaker Raczki
149 Mortchaj Brener shoemaker Raczki
202 Mortchaj Brodowski shoemaker Raczki
197 Mowsza Brodowski shoemaker Raczki
85 Wolf Brodowski shoemaker Raczki
148 Lyba Bronak day-laborer Raczki
146 Szmojlo Bronak dealer/peddler Raczki
145 Efroim Dawid Brynman dealer/peddler Raczki
203 Jankiel Bucko innkeeper Raczki
199 Michel Bucko day-laborer Raczki
88 Fiscko Burtowicz tenant Raczki
92 Abram Chlebinski lathe operator Raczki
167 Chaim Chlebinski tailor Raczki
150 Kuszel Chlebinski lathe operator Raczki
51 Mowsza Chlebinski dealer/peddler Raczki
4 Chaim Chodorowski dealer/peddler Raczki
3 Eliasz Chodorowski dealer/peddler Raczki
35 Szmojlo Chodorowski dealer/peddler Raczki
5 Icko Chunowicz dealer/peddler Raczki
91 Gerson Mortchaj Cieslicki potter Raczki
90 Lejba Cymerman dealer/peddler Raczki
36 Lejba Cyrlowicz teacher Raczki
206 Ajzyk Cywinski tailor Raczki
94 Berko Czurnicwicz dealer/peddler Raczki
6 Chackiel Dawidsohn dealer/peddler Raczki
50 Josiel Dawidsohn dealer/peddler Raczki
151 Berko Dobrzynski dealer/peddler Raczki
207 Szepszel Drukarz teacher Raczki
209 Berko Dworski fisherman Raczki
95 Hersz Dworski shoemaker Raczki
96 Iser Dworski blacksmith Raczki
208 Zelik Dworski fisherman Raczki
37 Mortchaj Dymentberg dealer/peddler Raczki
7 Chackiel Ejnfrank dealer/peddler Raczki
97 Hersz Ejnfrank dealer/peddler Raczki
98 Chackiel Elterman cap-maker Raczki
139 Aron Srolomowicz Epsztyn dealer/peddler Raczki
38 Srol Epsztyn dealer/peddler Raczki
72 Szolom Epsztyn dealer/peddler Raczki
211 Judko Farbarz dyer Raczki
152 Jankiel Felendler rope maker Raczki
39 Mortchaj Felendler rope maker Raczki
210 Tobiasz Felendler rope maker Raczki
155 Aron Fingierowski tailor Raczki
100 Wigdor Fingierowski dealer/peddler Raczki
99 Wolf Fingierowski dealer/peddler Raczki
57 Judel Lyb Finkelsztejn dealer/peddler Raczki
154 Berko Frajne shoemaker Raczki
153 Boruch Frajne dealer/peddler Raczki
213 Lejba Garfinkiel day-laborer Raczki
29 Wolf Garfinkiel dealer/peddler Raczki
254 Abram Mowsza Glaslendler pitch burner Kolnica 4.2 miles SSE Augustow
40 Chackiel Glaslendler tailor Raczki
41 Nochim Gordon farm-owner Raczki
143 Srmjto Gordon dealer/peddler Raczki
8 Mejer Gotlibowski dealer/peddler Raczki
212 Nochim Gotlibowski blacksmith Raczki
196 Pincus Grodzinski dealer/peddler Raczki
101 Josiel Gudelski tanner Raczki
156 Hersz Gurowski shoemaker Raczki
74 Hirsz Haginski dealer/peddler Raczki
49 Mendel Aronowicz Henchlowicz dealer/peddler Raczki
42 Dawid Herszfeld dealer/peddler Raczki
65 Abram Hilinski dealer/peddler Raczki
69 Mendel Hureichinski potter Raczki
61 Pinches Hyrkicwicz shoemaker Raczki
214 Abram Jablonski shoemaker Raczki
157 Leizor Jablonski shoemaker Raczki
43 Abram Jalkut dealer/peddler Raczki
228 Mortchaj Jonas starch-maker Raczki
158 Jankiel Leib Kenster bookbinder Raczki
106 Abel Kleszczewski cap-maker Raczki
105 Lejba Kleszczewski dealer/peddler Raczki
255 Berko Kolecki pitch burner Kolnica 4.2 miles SSE Augustow
261 Abram Ber Kolnicanski dealer/peddler Kolnica 4.2 miles SSE Augustow
10 Mejer Korycinski dealer/peddler Raczki
9 Icko Krugman dealer/peddler Raczki
104 Jankiel Krugman dealer/peddler Raczki
48 Lejba Krugman dealer/peddler Raczki
44 Mortchaj Krugman dealer/peddler Raczki
159 Mowsza Krupinski shoemaker Raczki
107 Josiel Krzesicki shoemaker Raczki
215 Hersz Kwiatkowski day-laborer Raczki
45 Berko Kwiatkowski cap-maker Raczki
220 Abram Leczyanski day-laborer Raczki
46 Nachman Lemberg shoemaker Raczki
217 Chaim Louman day-laborer Raczki
252 Chaim Lozman dealer/peddler Gorczyca 18.0 miles SE Raczki
219 Lejba Lubecki tailor Raczki
109 Kalman Ludwinowski tailor Raczki
108 Srol Ludwinowski tailor Raczki
216 Aron Luxemburg day-laborer Raczki
218 Mousza Lytner day-laborer Raczki
112 Nachim Maly dealer/peddler Raczki
34 Lejzor Margolis dealer/peddler Raczki
249 Hersz Markiwicz dealer/peddler Jaziewo 12.0 miles S Augustow
163 Chaim Markowski tailor Raczki
110 Icko Marmursztejn shoemaker Raczki
111 Nouch Marmursztejn shoemaker Raczki
53 Iczic Matlowicz dealer/peddler Raczki
221 Izrael Merecki day-laborer Raczki
47 Owsiej Merecki cart-driver Raczki
54 Berko Miemcowski shoemaker Raczki
11 Gerszon Milenkei dealer/peddler Raczki
222 Abram Minski shoemaker Raczki
113 Mortchaj Minski shoemaker Raczki
52 Aizic Mlotnik dealer/peddler Raczki
114 Jcko Mlotnik shoemaker Raczki
164 Mejer Zundel Mlotnik tailor Raczki
116 Hersz Nejberg dealer/peddler Raczki
168 Owsiej Rubin Nochimowicz dealer/peddler Raczki
115 Jankiel Nurbaum farm-owner Raczki
117 Lejba Nuszkowski dealer/peddler Raczki
165 Dawid Nuzbaum blacksmith Raczki
166 Kopel Obersztejn baker Raczki
225 Michel Obersztejn day-laborer Raczki
189 Chaim Hersz Kopelowicz Obersztjn dealer/peddler Raczki
120 Szaja Okuniecki fisherman Raczki
169 Jankiel Omulecki dealer/peddler Raczki
118 Szloma Onixbaum dealer/peddler Raczki
119 Szmojlo Onixbaum dealer/peddler Raczki
20 Lyzor Hersz Openhejm baker Raczki
224 Mejer Osinski day-laborer Raczki
12 Moszko Osinski dealer/peddler Raczki
55 Moucza Kopelowicz Osinski shoemaker Raczki
190 Srol Lejbowicz Osinski shoemaker Raczki
223 Szymko Osinski day-laborer Raczki
30 Eliasz Panius dealer/peddler Raczki
123 Szmojlo Panius dealer/peddler Raczki
56 Yankiel Panius dealer/peddler Raczki
171 Leizor Parciannik shoemaker Raczki
172 Saloma Parciannik tailor Raczki
125 Sera Percyk tailor Raczki
121 Srol Wolf Piekarz baker Raczki
75 Jankiel Pirzeslourski tailor Raczki
124 Szmojlo Plaszczynski shoemaker Raczki
229 Wolf Plaszczynski shoemaker Raczki
227 Jankul Plotnowski potter Raczki
13 Lebman Plotnowski dealer/peddler Raczki
141 Szmerko Plotnowski dealer/peddler Raczki
226 Izmojlo Polak tailor Raczki
173 Jankiel Jonas Powisztanski tailor Raczki
122 Szmojlo Powisztanski tailor Raczki
170 Leiba Pruszczunski dealer/peddler Raczki
234 Abram Raczkiwicz day-laborer Raczki
232 Mowsza Raczkiwicz day-laborer Raczki
231 Icko Ratusnik day-laborer Raczki
233 Dawid Rawrawaja teacher Raczki
126 Lejba Rozalski potter Raczki
144 Aron Rozenfeld dealer/peddler Raczki
162 Owsiej Rubin shoemaker Raczki
247 Boruch Ruczkowski dealer/peddler Olszanka 6.8 miles E Raczki
256 Josel Ruczkowski tenant-merchant Sucha Rzecka 17.5 miles SE Raczki
230 Judel Lejb Rukowski tailor Raczki
174 Judke Rutemberg dealer/peddler Raczki
128 Lejzor Rutemburg dealer/peddler Raczki
127 Mejer Rutemburg dealer/peddler Raczki
129 Ocher Rutemburg dealer/peddler Raczki
17 Chaim Leizer Satejndorf tailor Raczki
19 Icko Senatorczyk dealer/peddler Raczki
132 Fajba Serejski dealer/peddler Raczki
58 Lyba Serejski dealer/peddler Raczki
62 Lyzor Serejski dealer/peddler Raczki
18 Wolf Serejski dealer/peddler Raczki
253 Chonel Serwianski dealer/peddler Serwy 15.5 miles SE Raczki
78 Lisio Shionicki dealer/peddler Raczki
181 Mowsza Sidorowski dealer/peddler Raczki
15 Lejba Sjgatowicz dealer/peddler Raczki
16 Mejer Sjgatowicz potter Raczki
76 Abram Ber Solinska dealer/peddler Raczki
71 Jankiel Spiwak baker Raczki
183 Hersz Srawka tailor Raczki
182 Gerszon Stawiskowski tailor Raczki
179 Mousza Stawiskowski tailor Raczki
65 Abram Stilinski dealer/peddler Raczki
59 Abram Icko Stolowski dealer/peddler Raczki
68 Benjamin Stolowski butcher Raczki
67 Hers Stolowski butcher Raczki
73 Mejer Stolowski dealer/peddler Raczki
175 Mortchaj Stolowski dealer/peddler Raczki
140 Srol Stolowski dealer/peddler Raczki
77 Icko Strzalkowski teacher Raczki
177 Mortchaj Strzalkowski tailor Raczki
14 Hersz Suchosielski dealer/peddler Raczki
63 Hersz Swidorski dealer/peddler Raczki
134 Hersz Sylbersztjn tailor Raczki
60 Nafteli Synaj dealer/peddler Raczki
243 Szmerko Szaraszewski dealer/peddler Szczebra 9.4 miles SE Raczki
178 Abram Szejnwak tailor Raczki
236 Abram Sztargard day-laborer Raczki
245 Hersz Sztejgman dealer/peddler Olszanka 6.8 miles E Raczki
244 Zelik Sztejgman dealer/peddler Szczebra 9.4 miles SE Raczki
133 Ajzyk Sztydam shoemaker Raczki
176 Ajzyk Szulmark tailor Raczki
130 Mortchaj Szydlowski shoemaker Raczki
235 Chackiel Szylang day-laborer Raczki
260 Gerszon Tucron tenant Osowy grond 3.6 miles S Augustow
237 Michel Tupas day-laborer Raczki
136 Todres Tylnik shoemaker Raczki
238 Woteh Tylnik day-laborer Raczki
64 Abram Jcko Uchejtner dealer/peddler Raczki
137 Lejba Uchejtner dealer/peddler Raczki
66 Tewel Uchejtner dealer/peddler Raczki
21 Icko Urinberg dealer/peddler Raczki
22 Jankiel Urinberg dealer/peddler Raczki
24 Aryel Waginski butcher Raczki
142 Icko Herszowicz Waginski dealer/peddler Raczki
246 Mowsza Weiztyniecki dealer/peddler Olszanka 6.8 miles E Raczki
240 Szymel Wiercielinski potter Raczki
23 Chaim Hirsz Wierciochowski blacksmith Raczki
25 Hersz Wierciochowski butcher Raczki
185 Leiba Wierciochowski farmer Raczki
186 Wigdor Wierculinski butcher Raczki
187 Abram Jeko Witowski tenant Raczki
184 Berko Witowski day-laborer Raczki
239 Fiscko Witowski day-laborer Raczki
191 Icko Witowski mason Raczki
188 Jaiba Witowski mason Raczki
138 Lejzor Wolowski butcher Raczki
161 Nisel Wurciclinski potter Raczki
28 Sron Zablodowski dealer/peddler Raczki
103 Dawid Zablonski tailor Raczki
194 Abram Zawoznik tailor Raczki
195 Iser Zawoznik tailor Raczki
93 Lejba Berkowicz Zawoznik potter Raczki
193 Lejba Zawoznik potter Raczki
102 Owsiej Zeleniewski baker Raczki
192 Jankiel Zlotnicki dealer/peddler Raczki
79 Mowsza Zlotnicki tailor Raczki
241 Abel Zubrzynski dealer/peddler Male Raczki 1.8 miles NW Raczki
26 Mendel Zubrzynski leaseholder: ? Raczki
70 Ruchmel Zubrzynski dealer/peddler Raczki
27 Srol Zubrzynski miller Raczki
180 Dawid Zylbersztein tailor Raczki


22 of the 49 individuals in this list have a surname which also appears in the 1863 list. Leib Lubecki is the only full name in both lists and the occupation is also the same.

Mowsza Pesach Austern potter

Michel Jonas Berlowicz tailor

Berko Leib Berwald peddler

Idzko Idzko Blumszteyn baker

Mayer Dawid Brener shoemaker

Nisan Dawid Brener shoemaker

Abram Chakel Chalikowicz butcher

Idzko Jankiel Chamukowski tailor

Mowsza Abram Chanowicz baker

Gerson Mordechai Cuskieli [?] tanner

Shmuel Jankiel Dreger lathe operator

Abram Zelik Dymentberg stahl keeper

Leib Itco Elterman cap-maker

Wolf Dawid Finkielsztejn tanner

Peltyer Osher Jeleniewski baker

Manuel Anszel Jalkut rekowsoznik [?]

Cheni Shlomo Kupicko lathe operator

Nachom Leib Kuznicki shoemaker

Dawid Lapsa tanner

Kopel Chakel Lesczynsky baker

Idzko Berko Leytner quilt

Leib Mordechai Lubecki tailor

Moshe Idzko Markuszewski baker

Jankiel Icko Mlotnick shoemaker

Leib Hillel Niemka shoemaker

Chaim Leib Niezwiezki stahl keeper

Leib Nachom Osinski shoemaker

Nachom Szymel Osinski shoemaker
Aron Jonas Parcianika baker

Mowsza Perfumowicz stahl keeper

Leib Jonas Perkalowicz lace maker

Abram Szewel Plotckewski stahl

Zundel Szymel Sobolewski tailor

Meier Boruch Sogalowicz tanner

Berko Jankiel Strzalkowski tailor

Nocham Abram Strzalkowski tailor

Idzko Leib Szafrand baker

Ayzyk Chakel Szklarky glazier

Szymel Meier Taub cleaner/sweeper or brush-maker

Osher Mowsza Trawki tailor

Wigdor Lejzor Waginsky butcher

Boruch Osher Walberg fuller

Meier Chaim Wilenski stahl keeper

Gimpel Jankel Wolawski butcher

Srol Zelman Wolowski butcher

Wolf Jankel Wynkler fuller

Berko Leib Zlotkowsky tailor

Dawid Icko Zubrzynski tailor
Josiel Idzko Zubrzyncki butcher

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