Przemysl Jewish cemeteries

Originally, there were two Jewish cemeteries in Przemysl - the "old" one, and the "new" one. The old cemetery has been totally destroyed. It was located on Szaszkiewicza Street, which does not exist on the map of Przemysl any more. The best that we can describe the cemetery location is just west of Slowackiego street, off of Rakoczego. The new cemetery still exist. It is located on Slowackiego Street.

See IAJGS (International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies) Jewish Cemetery Project for more information about the "old" and the new" Jewish cemeteries (after connecting to the IAJGS cemetary website, scroll down to Przemysl).

Suzan Wynne visited Przemysl in the spring of 1986, and here is what she reflected about the "new" cemetery:

"The cemetery was within a locked gate but there was an opening in the fence large enough for me to crawl through. The front part near the gate was mowed and there were post war graves in that area. There was evidence of parties (bottles, a burned area where there had been bonfires and garbage) in that area. The main section of the cemetery was in a heavily wooded area that was so dark that I couldn't see the names on the stones. There were nettles and I was very discouraged when I contemplated what it would take to clean it up...tall trees, underbrush and so on. There were stones, however. Some had half sunk into the ground."

According to Survey of Historic Jewish Monuments in Poland by Samuel Gruber and Phyllis Myers, revised second edition 1995, there are over 500 stones still visible at the "new" cemetery.

Recently, restoration efforts have started at the "new" cemetery, due to the efforts of Dr. John Hartman and the organization which he has founded, Remembrance and Reconcilation.

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