Poruba pod Vihorlátom Holocaust

In 1942, 128 Jews were deported from Poruba pod Vihorlátom, but this did not constitute the entire Jewish community in the village. Several Jews managed to escape into the woods and then hid among the general population. A few others were secretly transported across the border into Hungary and others were hidden in the village by residents.

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NOTE: Poruba pod Vihorlátom was located in theGendarmerie District VIII (Kassa) Source: degob.org Ghettoization of the countryside Jews to the larger towns occurred 16-28 April 1944; deportations to the Auschwitz concentration camp occurred between 15 May and 7 June 1944. The 1944 Kassa List of Death Trains details the number of Jews deported and the points of departure. (Kassa is present-day Košice, Slovakia.)

~ Holocaust Lists ~

Disclaimer: The names below are from several sources on the internet (deportation lists, testimonies and camp lists) searching under "Nemecká Poruba." Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list may be incomplete.

* = not recorded; "ová" added to a woman's name can be her maiden name or husband's name.

Name YOB Name YOB
*, Chaim * MEIZEL, Adolf 1930
*, Gitl 1912 MEIZER, Livia 1933
*, Rivka 1902 MELAMED, Hermann 1936
BERKOVICOVÁ, Ruzena 1920 MELENEVSKY, Perola 1940
BERKOVITS, Chaya 1922 MELLER, Alexander 1925
BERKOVITZ, Henia 1901 MELLER, Dorota 1899
BERKOVITZ, Jehosua 1924 MELLER, Ervin 1937
BERKOVITZ, Sara 1907 MELLER, Hany 1905
BLEICH, Chaja 1887 MELLER, Hugo 1934
BLEICH, Ester 1919 MELLER, Ignac 1938
BLEICH, Icchak 1885 MELLER, Irena 1931
EHRENREICH, * 1925 MELLER, Josef 1874
EHRENREICH, Arie 1909 MELLER, Rozalia 1929
EHRENREICH, Armin 1912 MELLER, Serena 1935
EHRENREICH, Aron 1912 MELLEROVÁ, Margita 1881
EHRENREICH, David 1908 MELLION, Leopold 1920
EHRENREICH, Gizella 1912 MELYON, Chaim 1919
EHRENREICH, Ignac 1922 MELYON, Gizella 1909
EHRENREICH, Izidor 1925 MELYON, Ignac 1913
EHRENREICH, Josef 1900 MELYON, Lina 1882
EHRENREICH, Samuel 1925 MELYON, Sarolta 1926
EHRENREICHOVÁ, Anna 1911 MELYON, Serena 1863
EHRENREICHOVÁ, Ruzena 1921 MELYON, Zelma 1873
FEGE, Herman 1890 MENCZER, Agata 1942
FOLDES, Gyula 1873 MENCZER, Arpad 1937
FRIED, Linka 1896 MENCZER, Hugo 1935
GRINSTEIN, Eliezer 1912 MENCZER, Julia 1940
GRINSTEIN, Jechezkel 1880 MENDLOVIC, Etela 1908
GRUENSTEIN, Juda 1913 MENDLOVIC, Zoltan 1919
GRUENSTEIN, Ludwig 1911 MITTELMANN, Mali 1874
GRUNSTEIN, Bertha 1909 MITTELMANN, Sarolta 1902
GRUNSTEIN, Chaskel 1876 MOSKOVIC, Regina 1910
GRUNSTEIN, Dvora 1892 NEUMANN, Berta 1918
GRUNSTEIN, Jehuda 1915 PRAEGER, Cecilia 1901
GRUNSTEIN, Lena 1881 PRAEGER, Helena 1929
GRUNSTEIN, Ludwig 1911 RAAB, Frida 1915
GRUNSTEIN, Yehuda 1913 RAABOVÁ, Ignac 1883
HERSCHKOVITS, Berl 1912 RADO, Marcel 1917
HERSCHKOVITS, Ilana 1914 RINTEL, Malvina 1927
HERSCHKOVITS, Illona 1917 ROSENBERG, Anna 1893
HERSKOVIC, Helena 1913 ROSENBERG, Isidor 1906
HERSKOVITS, Cvi 1910 ROSENBERG, Leopold 1886
ILKOVIC, Marek 1907 ROSENBERG, Rivka 1902
JAKOBOVITZ, Hannah 1899 ROSENBERG, Serka 1885
KAMMER, Erno 1920 ROSENBERG, Ysrael 1905
KOHN, Emanuel 1916 ROSENBERGerOVÁ, Antonia 1901
LINCZER, Cecilia 1922 ROSENBERGOVÁ, Alice 1933
LINCZER, Elias 1886 ROSENBERGOVÁ, Blanka 1928
LINCZER, Franzi 1924 ROSENBERGOVÁ, Hermine 1930
LINCZER, Hana 1893 ROSENZWEIG, * 1900
LINDENBAUM, David 1926 SALOMON, Fani 1892
LINZER, Regina 1909 SALOMON, Meir 1920
LOEWENBEIN, Henrich 1897 SALOMON, Miksa 1920
LORBEL, Regina 1892 SCHENKLER, Jakub 1901
MANN, Regina 1901 SCHLOSSER, William 1904
MARKOVIC, Jakub 1872 SELMANOVICOVÁ, Ruzena 1926
MARKOVIC, Rezi 1910 TYROLER, Ella 1880
MARKOVIC, Rezi 1918 WEISZ, Lipotne 1890
MARKOVICS, Izidor 1877 ZALMANOVITS, Chaim 1919
MARKSTEIN, Ignacz 1876 ZALMANOVITS, Mendl 1909
MARKSTEIN, Karolina 1911 ZALMANOVITS, Rachel 1912
MARKUS, Trena 1937 ZELMANOVIC, Armin 1909
MAY, Lina 1893 ZELMANOVIC, Cecilia 1915
MEISEL, Herman 1931 ZELMANOVIC, Emanuel 1906
MEISEL, Ignac 1904 ZELMANOVIC, Hermina 1923
MEISEL, Margit 1907 ZELMANOVIC, Josef 1874
MEISEL, Moric 1900 ZELMANOVIC, Maria 1889
MEISEL, Moric 1937 ZELMANOVIC, Ruza 1917
MEISEL, Rozalia 1871 ZELMANOVIC, Sarolta 1926
MEISEL, Serena 1904 ZELMANOVIC, Signac 1918
MEISELOVÁ, Eugen 1933 ZELMANOVITZ, Zalman 1875
MEISELS, Ervin 1936 ZOLDAN, Mor 1866
MEISELS, Gizela 1918 ZOMER, Lea 1910
MEITNER, Josef 1893 ZOMER, Salomon 1908
MEITNER, Regina 1900  

~ Nemecká Poruba Business Enterprises Liquidated 1941-1942 ~
Source (portions): Slovak Nation's Memory Institute
Visit their web site for more information or individual record details.
Search for the Town (village): "Nemecka Poruba."

Disclaimer: The following list of names and businesses is incomplete.

Individual Names Type of Business Enterprise
GRŰNSTEIN, Chaskel kramárstvo / Shopkeeper
HERŠKOVIC, Samuel obuvník / Shoemaker
NEUMANN, Markus stolárstvo / Joinery (carpentry)

~ Death Books of Auschwitz, mainly from 1942 and 1943 ~
Source (portions):
Houston Independent Media Center
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

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In January 1945, the Soviets found German documentation at Auschwitz such as death certificates, roll-calls, cremation lists, etc. The Germans had simply abandoned this documentation when they evacuated. The Soviets conveniently "lost it" in their archives for some 45 years.

In 1989, Soviet President Mikhail GORBACHEV presented it to the Red Cross which then "lost it" in their archives in Bad Arolsen, Germany. The recently found death certificates were official German documents issued by Auschwitz camp doctors upon the death of an inmate. Each certificate consists of the deceased person's full name, profession and religion, date and place of birth, pre-Auschwitz residence, parents' names, date and cause of death and a camp physician's signature.

The death certificates are mainly from the years 1942 and 1943. There is some documentation from 1941, none from 1944 nor from January 1945, when Auschwitz was liberated.

Disclaimer: The following list of names may be incomplete. They comprise those Jews either: (a) born in Nemecka Poruba and living in Nemecka Poruba when they were deported to Auschwitz or (b) born in Nemecka Poruba and living elsewhere when they were deported to Auschwitz. All persons below were identified as "Jew" in the database. The parents' names, profession, cause of death and a camp physician's name (signature) were not found on-line, but might be available by written request. Click HERE to download the form to request information about former Auschwitz-Birkenau prisoners.

Name Birth Death Birthplace Residence
EHRENREICH, Armin 22.XI.1912 21.VII.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba
EHRENREICH, David 23.III.1908 18.VII.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba
EHRENREICH, Ignac 28.X.1922 9.VII.1942 Nemecka Porubka Nemecka Porubka
EHRENREICH, Izidor 15.IV.1925 8.VIII.1942 Nemecka-Poruba Michalovce
EHRENREICH, Samuel 27.VII.1925 16.VIII.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba
GRÜNSTEIN, Juda 21.XI.1913 23.VI.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba
GRÜNSTEIN, Ludwig 5.IX.1911 2.VI.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba
ROSENBERG, Isidor 15.IV.1906 30.VI.1942 Nemecka Porubka Nemecka Porubka
SCHENKLER, Jakub 30.XI.1901 16.V.1942 Uhersky Zipov Nemecka Poruba
TYROLER, Ella 26.III.1880 28.VII.1942 Nemecka Poruba Zilina
ZELMANOVIC, Armin 28.XII.1909 27.V.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba
ZELMANOVIC, Emanuel 10.I.1906 27.V.1942 Nemecka Poruba Nemecka Poruba

~ Poruba pod Vihorlátom Holocaust Survivors ~

Below are links to personal stories by survivors of the Holocaust from Poruba pod Vihorlátom. If you have a personal story to share by a survivor of the Holocaust from Poruba pod Vihorlátom, HERE to contact me.

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