Faces of the Community

In the aftermath of the watershed events of the revolution of 1848 and the
decline of absolutism, a disproportional large number of Jewish emigrants
left poverty and the relatively parochial confines of the province Posen during the
period 1850–1880. During this period Schneidemühl’s Jewish community
also began to lose a fair number of their members to emigration.

Photographs - in memory of some members of the kehila.


Akiba (Kiewe) Rosenberg,
 son of Judas and Rosalie Rosenberg, née...?

1795 - 26 August 1879 in Schneidemühl -
husband of
Mirjam (Marge) Rosenberg,

Miriam Rosenberg

Mirjam (Marge) Rosenberg,

daughter of Mine Zander, née ...?,

1804 in Schönlanke -  22 June 1875 in Schneidemühl -
ife of Akiba (Kiewe) Rosenberg.

The couple's three sons Isidor, Joseph and Marcus immigrated to
(Paintings and family heirlooms, dated 1864 - courtesy of Steve Gradus,
Milwaukee, WI, USA)

  Johanna Simonstein, née Lewin, 1835-1897,
wife of Isidor Simonstein, emigrated from Schneidemühl

in 1865
with her husband and three children and settled
in Australia, where the family prospered and expanded,
establishing a new branch of the Simonstein family.
(Photo courtesy of E. Davis, Sydney, Australia )


Dr. Hermann Heymann, 1871-1933, 
well-known veterinarian in Schneidemühl.

(Photo courtesy of F. Ephraim, Washington DC)


Siegmund Jacob

Siegmund Jacob, 1867-1941,
well established grain merchant and prominent figure in the community,
died in Berlin.
(Photo courtesy M. Cohen, Philadelphia)

  Selma Simonstein           
Selma Simonstein, née Anschel, 1882-1942, widow of Adolf Simonstein. Selma was deported to Sobibor where she was murdered.
(Photo courtesy M. Cohen, Philadelphia)

Fritz Simonstein

Fritz Simonstein, 1911-1942, -
son of Adolf and Selma Simonstein. Forbidden to practice law in Germany, he immigrated to Holland. Caught by
the Gestapo he was sent him to Westerbork and deported to Auschwitz; murdered in 1942.
(Photo courtesy M. Cohen, Philadelphia)

Richard Rosenberg

Richard Rosenberg, 1893-1945,
son of clothing merchant Jacob Rosenberg, emigrated with family in 1937 and
settled in Santiago, Chile.
(Photo courtesy J. Rosenberg, Santiago)

Emil Mislowitzer

Dr. Emil Mislowitzer, 1868-1914,
well loved physician and respected member of the kehillah.
He died during the First World War.
(Photo courtesy P. Mylon, USA)

Emil Jacob

Emil Jacob, 1897-1982,
son of Siegmund and Selma Jacob, grain merchant He emigrated with wife and two children in 1937 and settled in Philadelphia.
(Photo courtesy M. Cohen, Philadelphia)

Gustav Simonstein

Gustav Simonstein, 1870-1907,
eldest son of Salomon and Esther Simonstein (grandfather of this webmaster) one of the oldest merchant families of the community.

(Photo courtesy P. S. Cullman, Toronto)

                                                    Mentheim Schleimer

Mentheim Schleimer,
prominent clothing merchant, was
deported to Sachsenhausen
1938 November pogrom.
He was murdered in 1939.
(Photo courtesy R. Schleimer, London)


 Auguste Schleimer

Auguste Schleimer, née Jakubowski, 1878-1942,
widow of Mentheim Schleimer,
was  deported to the Riga Ghetto where
she was murdered in 1942.
(Photo courtesy R. Schleimer, London)

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