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Burials in Schneidemühl
13 July 1915 — 31 May 1939


The following is a brief extract of an unsigned list was discovered in the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem, [file rec. Nr. INV./ 947(2)], and was subsequently indexed and translated.
Jerusalem 1959

(Excerpted from History of the Jewish Community of Schneidemühl: 1641 to the Holocaust)

ALTMANN, Julius. Born 1841 Died 27 February 1915 (13 Adar 5675), seventy-four years old.
Was Repräsentant (representative), two daughters, one son.
ARNDT, Hermann. Born 1854. Died 30 October 1923 (20 Heschvan 5684). Fifty years ago he took over his father’s business; was very active in the Chevra Kadisha.
ARNOLD, Lewin. Born 1849. Died 19 August 1924 (21 Av 5684), the day before, on 18 August, he turned seventy-five years old; was married for forty-five years; co-founder of the Chevra Kadisha, long-time member of the Repräsentanten, and a member of the butchers’ guild; one son is in a Russian prison camp.
ARONSTEIN, Friederieke, née Markwald. Born 1843 in Schneidemühl. Died 2 February 1923 (5685), eighty years old; married for thirty-five years; two children.
BAUMANN, Bertha. Born 1878 in Schneidemühl. Died 4 November 1932 (5 Heshvan 5693), fifty-four years old. Wife of Max Baumann, now Berlin, married since 1901. The separation from Schneidemühl was difficult for her.
BERG, Gustav. Born 1841 in Filehne. Died 10 April 1922 (12 Nissan 5682), eighty-one years old.
His wife had died thirty years ago; the funeral was on Erev Pesach (12 April 1922).
BIEBER, Helene. Died Friday night, 8 June 1923 (25 Sivan 5683), buried Sunday, 10 June 1923.
Is survived by an eighty-year-old father and siblings.
BILSKI, Gertrud, née Goetze, from Bromberg. Died 11 July 1915 (29 Tammuz 5675), buried Wednesday, 14 July 1915.
BRANN, Hermann. Born in Lobsens. Died/was buried on Friday, 10 March 1916 (5 Adar II 5676).
Lived five years in Schneidemühl.
BROMBERG, Taterka. No dates. Suffering for ten years; was the second wife; further details missing.
COHN, Walter. Died on 2 November 1918 (27 Heshvan 5678) in military hospital Friedrichsgarten.  …transporting the Unterofficier (corporal) Walter Cohn, Artillerie Regiment 84, (from Berlin-Schöneberg, Grunewaldstr. 23, on 4 November 1918 to the railway station.

For a complete list of burials — please refer to the relevant chapter in the recently published book
 History of the Jewish Community of Schneidemühl: 1641 to the Holocaust

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