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Ness Ziona, Israel
נס ציונה  ישׂראל

Coordinates:  31° 56' N  34° 48' E
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Ness Ziona




  • Aharon Isenberg
    • first Mayor of Ness Ziona
    • Wife: Bilhaa Meshel
      • Died: 1936
    • Son: Ben Carmi
      • served in the Ottoman Empire Army
      • KIA WWI in Siberia, Russia
  • Amazia Isenberg
    • Director of PIKA
    • Born: 1892
    • Died: 1954, Haifa
    • Wife: Channa Nahumzon
      • married 1919
      • Author
  • Ovad Isenberg
    • CEO Histadrut
    • held many posts in Hadera
    • Born: 1896
    • Husband: Michael Cohen
  • Yehoshua Isenberg
    • Judge
    • President Hashalom Courts
  • Yehudait Isenberg
    • Author
    • Educator
    • Born: 1883 Dvinsk
    • Parent(s): Jona Dov
    • Husband: Chaim Blomberg Harri
    • Grandparents of: Izhar Harri, MP
  • Rachel Isenberg
    • Husband: Shmuel Idelson
      • A founder of Tel Aviv
  • Channa Isenberg
    • President Benei Brit Yerusalaim
    • Husband: Gad Frumkin
      • Judge



The Leader 30 days to Aharon Isenberg by Yitzchak Chayutman
Bilah Isenberg; DOAR HAYOM 1936

Bilah Isenberg

Eulogy by Moshe Smilanski on Isenberg's grave

Moshe Smilanski Eulogy on Isenberg's Grave

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