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These are just some of the Moscow Jewish stories. If you have one to share, please send it to us for inclusion here, with a picture of your featured family member, if possible.

Leiba Feldbin
Leiba Feldbin a.k.a Alexander Orlov - A Boy from Babruysk

Abram Monosson
Abram Monosson - Homicide Victim on Pokrovsky Street

Baron and Baroness Gindlin
Baron and Baroness Gindlin - A Mink Hat Factory

Boots for the Russian Army

Boris L. Kagan - Physician, Educator, Activist and Revolutionary

Dr. Samuel Ellsberg
Dr. Samuel Ellsberg - Physician and Leader

Herschel Kagan
Herschel Kagan - A Photograph from Moscow

Kotzin, Ginsberg and Hurwicz Families
Kotzin, Ginsberg and Hurwicz Families - Moscow Connections

Moshe Lifshitz
Moshe Lifshitz - Evicted from Moscow

Slomo Suoma Verzoub Rivas
Slomo Suoma Verzoub Rivas - Author and Speaker

Zacharovich Family
Zacharovich Family

Yosef Ratner Shochet
Yosef Ratner Shochet

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