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List of Researchers

Researching Mazeikiai

Researcher Families Researched Email address
Aharoni Barbara Aharonovitz
Arkoff Harold Lurie, Greenspan, Greenspoone,Shattenstein
Barkan Ella Avrech, Mamyoffe TBD
Eilati (Kaplan) Shalom Kaplan, Greenstein
Gamsu Ada Gamsu, Gordon
Gamsu Charlotte Gamsu/Gamzu, Gordon
Ganot Ilan
Iting, Tuch, Kurs
Gazit Varda Iting, Tuch, Kurs
Glaser Sara Orkin, Glaser
Hessel Rachel Orkin, Glaser
Kahana Ariel Aharonovitz, Rachmel
Kahana Benzi,
(co-webmaster) z"l
Aharonovitz, Rachmel


Kahana Greenberg Michal Aharonovitz, Rachmel
Kraushahr Mira Iting, Tuch, Kurs
Kroyanker Leorah Aharonovitz, Rachmel
Lapid Ephraim Lipnitzky
Metz Yaakov Metz
Minster Tsevi Minster TBD
Pilpel Shai Lipnitzky
Ravinsky Raymond (webmaster) Lubavitsch (Leibowitz), Friedman, Itzikson, Shapiro
Sarig Oren Avrech, Mamyoffe
Stern Marlene Kagan, Wald, Levine
Vilnai Sara Iting, Tuch, Kurs

The above list is visible to all. As a result, there is a small risk of abuse of names and email addresses included in the table. Anyone named in the above list may, if they choose, have their entry removed or modified. To do so, contact either webmaster Raymond Ravinsky or Ilan Ganot.

Researchers are encouraged to include their name and the name of their town of interest to JewishGen's Family Finder JGFF which is more immune to misuse.



Searchable JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF)

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