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The Ra’hmel Family

Hebrew Version


The matriarch, ‘Hanah Ra’hmel (nee Aronowitz) was born, as said, in 1875 and died in 1928.  On her gravestone is engraved: 

Ho our mother!

Our hearts’ solace

Taken in her best days

A voice we shall be to her womb’s fruit


Daughter of R’ Moshe Avigdor

In the year 5688


19        3/5       28


One of her children, Kalman Ra’hmel, had a tobacconery that neighbored the home of Blumeh, on 40 Laisves Gatve.  According to the Lithuanian government’s census of 1931, Kalman had an additional business on that same street, at #5.  Kalman Ra’hmel was murdered together with the rest of the Mazeikiai martyrs, on the 3rd of August 1941 , upon the mass murder of all Jewish males in the grave ditches that had been dug near the Jewish cemetery.


In a witnessing written in the “Ledger of Lithuanian Congregations” page 308, is recorded that Kalman Ra’hmel suddenly lifted himself up from the mass of the murdered and wounded in the pit, and in a loud voice hurled at the murderers: “our blood will not stay silent!  Our vengeance will come!”  One shot silenced him forever.


According to a letter from his brother, Israel Ra’hmel (living in Mandatory Palestine), Kalman Ra’hmel married a woman from Tabrig a short time before his death, but no other details are known.


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