Selected Sources  


Megilat Auschwitz by Ber Mark (1978, in Hebrew). The Scrolls of Auschwitz (1985, English translation). Publication of the Diaspora Research Institute
Shevet from Yehuda by Rav Iser Yehuda Unterman (1988, in Hebrew). Publication of "Harav Kook Institute"
Grodno Is Not The Same by Tikva Fatal-Knaani (2001, in Hebrew). Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
We Wept without Tears by Gideon Greif (1999, in Hebrew; 2001 English translation). Yad Vashem, Jerusalem
Once there was a little Shtetl - its name was Lunna by Ruth Marcus (2005, in Hebrew)

Booklets and Articles

Kupat Gmilut Chesed, Jubilee Edition (1938, in Hebrew). The Yivo Institute for Jewish Studies
The Destruction of Lunna-Volie by Etel Berachowicz-Kossowska (1949, in Yiddish). Grodner Apklangen (no. 2)
Lunna-Wola Shtetl - Testimony by Eliezer Eisenshmidt (1955, in Hebrew). Yad Vashem, Jerusalem

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