This website is dedicated to the study and commemoration of Jewish family history in the town of  Lackenbach, in Burgenland, Austria,
formerly Lakompak in Sopron, Hungary.
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Names:       Lackenbach [German], Lakompak (old: Lakonbak; Felsö Loỏk) [Hungarian], Lakimpuh [Kroat], לאקענבך (Yiddish], לקנבך (Hebrew]

47°35' N, 16°28' E . 15 km south-west to Sopron, Hungary;  30 km south to Eisenstadt, Austria; 69 km south to Wien, Austria.
  • Before WW1 Lakompak in Sopron megye, Hungary.
  • Between WW1 and WW2 Lackenbach in Burgenland, Austria.
  • After 1921 (still today) Lackenbach in the district of Oberpullendorf, Burgenland, Austria.

 Lackenbach Mohel Book 1821 תקפ"א
    Click here to view sample pages from the book

Lackenbach is a small town in Burgenland, Austria. Its Jewish community flourished for more than 300 years,

from the 1600s to 1938.
Lackenbach was one of the famous "Seven 'Holy' Communities" of Burgenland ("שבע קהילות", "Sieben Gemeinden").
There are no Jews in Lackenbach since. Only the Jewish cemetery is still there.


   Lackenbach Synagogue - destroyed in the Holocaust 

 Lackenbach map - Jewish Cemetery circled



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Good News for Lackenbach Jewish community researchers!

                          As of 1st of September 2012: Lackenbach 1895-1920 Civil Birth, Marriage and Death (BMD) records
                          are online in  Hungary Civil Registration 1985-1920. Jewish registration included! (There is no index).
                          See in: Family Search Website .  Or: general search in Family search by name and place.
        As of 21st of  May 2011:  Lackenbach 1833 - 1895 Jewish Birth, Marriage and Death (BMD) records
        are searchable in JewishGen
All Hungary Database
        2107 births, 1125 deaths, and 498 marriages, for a total of 3730 records are available.
        login to JewishGen All Hungarian database, enter your username and password,and then enter "town" "is exactly" "Lackenbach" and the surname.

Exclusive to this website:

                   Pinkas Gadol shel Chevra  Machzikei Torah, 1910, Hebrew with English translation.

                   Lackenbach  1882 - 1924 complete Neufeld Mohel Book, Hebrew with English translation.

                   Lackenbach 1821- 1871 Roffe Mohel Book sample pages, Hebrew with English translation.

List of 1742 (!) graves in Lackenbach cemetery

 Lackenbach Jewish surnames from 1857 Sopron Census

 Lackenbach Jewish surnames from  1861 property tax payers

(7 March 2015): Article in the Austrian Jewish Museum website from 1898 about 1890s poor Lackenbach - " Großmutters Dorf " (in German)

( 24 Nov 2014):  Elli Ginsburg - Straussberg's family holocaust story and her memories as a child from 1930s Lackenbach as were told 80 years later.

( 18 Aug 2012): The complete Roffe Mohel Book (1821-1871) is now online at the Leo Baeck Institute Archives,
                      followed by the complete Neufeld Mohel Book (1882-1924).
                      If you need help with translation from Hebrew, please contact Yohanan:


( 29 Aug 2011):  Elizabeth Fraller's documentary,  interviewing old residents of Lackenbach about the Jewish community:
                       Erinnern und Vergessen – Auf der Suche nach Spuren jüdischen Lebens in Lackenbach. Österreich 2009.

( 7 Jul 2011):   Pinkas Gadol shel Chevra  Machzikei Torah, 1910
                       Ledger, containing the names of deceased congregants, both men and women, honoring their Torah scholarship.

( 9 Apr 2011):  Lackenbach  Mohel Book (Neufeld):
Original Hebrew registration and English translation of 345 circumcisions from 1882 to 1924.

(16 Nov 2010):  Lackenbach 1715 Tax Payer list;
                     New photos and postcards (in "Postcards", "Cemetery photos" and "Holocaust").

(30 Oct 2010):  Article about Lackenbach Jewish Community by Johannes Graf (Scholem Alejchem), in: "" -
Destroyed Jewish Communities - Lackenbach.

(15 Jun 2010):  Information about Rabbi Ungar, including list of 46 Community members that signed his Rabbinate Nomination.

(12 Jun 2010):  List of 1742 (!) graves in Lackenbach cemetery.

(20 May 2010): Identification of students in school photos by Elli GINZBURG - STRAUSSBERG from Herzelia, Israel.

(15 Mar 2010):  List of Jewish Business and Propeieties 1899-1904.

(15 Feb 2010): List of Lackenbach Synagogue Women seat register, about 200 names (from about 1885).

(1  Feb 2010):  List of Lackenbach Synagogue Men seat register, about 200 names (from about 1885).

Lackenbach served as a regional Jewish centre for other near by towns in Hungary and Austria, which had a small Jewish population,
and had no Jewish community services available.
Therefore, Lackenbach Jewish BMD records may include entries from: Csepreg, Gross Warasdorf, Kleine Warasdorf, Guns, Kobersdorf, Lackendorf, Stob
and other towns.




JewishGen communities database
Jewish community of Lackenbach, including MapQuest.



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