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Cheder in Krzywcza

Courtesy of Joseph Weiss
Cheder Class, standing at rear of synagogue, c1929
Individual children (from left to right), as identified by Joseph Weiss.

Naftali Raps, Joseph Weiss, Aron Turnshein, Eishe Tochner, Shmuel Schreiber,  [?] Ringel,
Hersz Schreiber, Pinkas Uhri/Uri, Menashke Rosner and Teacher of Talmud Torah
1 Raps, Naftali, son of Aron and Tola (Rosner) Raps
2 Weiss, Joseph, son of Moishe* and Chana* Weiss
3 Turnschein, Aron, son of Hersz* Turnschein
4 Tochner, Eishe, son of Dawid Tochner?
5 Schreiber, Shmuel*, son of Benzion* and Chaja* (Wind) Schreiber
6 Ringel, [Shmuel-Leib?]*, son of Mozes and Ester (Mohl) Ringel
7 Schreiber, Hersz*, son of Benzion* and Chaja* (Wind) Schreiber
8 Uhri/Uri, Pinkas, son of Moishe* and Ester (Esche) [Majer] Uhri
9 Rosner, Menashke*, son of Hersz* and Rachel* (Schachter) Rosner

* known or documented to having perished in the Shoah; others may have as well.

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