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Compiled by
Joy Kestenbaum
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Joy Kestenbaum

Landsman & Landslayt
לאַנדסמאַן ולאַנדסלײַט

                  Krzywcza Cemetery Gate
2007 Joy Kestenbaum, photographer

Krzywcza Landsmanshaft in New York:

Created for the mutual benefit of its members and their families, the Krzywcza on San Sick Support Society, Inc. (First Krzywcza Am San Sick & Ben. Ass'n) was incorporated in the State of New York after World War I on 16 March 1920.

2004 Joy Kestenbaum, photographer

The Certificate of Incorporation stated the purposes for which the society was formed:
1) to voluntarily aid and assist members and those of their families while in distress and during sickness
2) to acquire by purchase or otherwise a plot or plots in a duly organized cemetery for the use of deceased members or those of their families; which  cemetery shall not however be sold to any outside person or persons
3) to maintain lectures and discussions on civic topics including the Constitution of the United States, so that the members of this Society may become better acquainted with the National and State Institutions and Governments and thereby to engender a better spirit of fellowship and citizenship.

The following nine individuals were named as founding directors:
  • Henry Spitz (1874-1932) 40 Second Street, Manhattan
  • Morris Kestenbaum (c1871-1950) 980 Prospect Avenue, Bronx
  • Louis Klugman (1879-1927) 630 Howard Avenue, Brooklyn
  • David Kestenbaum (1879-1939) 1259 St. Johns Place, Broolyn
  • Osias (Sam) Kestenbaum (1883-1940) 568 Barby Street, Brooklyn
  • Benjamin Beck (1873-1947) 36 Columbia Street, Manhattan
  • Pinkas Rubenfeld (1876-1955) 62 Cannon Street, Manhattan
  • Abraham Ringel (1889-1961) 417 East 170th Street, Bronx
  • Sam (Osias) Miller (1894-1935) 50 Columbia Street, Manhattan

Others present for the incorporation of the Society and who signed the certificate were Isidor Rubenfeld, Max Schwarzbarth and Joshua S. Shapiro.

The nine founding directors lived in the New York City boroughs of Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn. Henry Spitz had immigrated to New York in 1888. David Kestenbaum, my grandfather, and his brothers Morris and Osias (Sam), were founding directors. Morris was the first in my family to immigrate, c1888-1890. David arrived in New York in 1899 and Osias (Sam) in 1902, Louis Klugman in 1901, Benjamin Beck in 1902, Abraham Ringel in 1906, and Osias (Sam) Miller in 1911. Pinkas arrived as Pinkas Potasznik in 1910 and, after World War I, went back to Krzywcza, returning to New York in 1921; he arrived as Pinchas Rubenfeld, bringing his family with him.