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Where Once We Walked - KRAZIAI
Kroz, Kroze, Krozh, Krozhe, Kruce, Kruz, Kruzh, Krosh)

population 660; 53 km. SW of Siauliai  COH, GUM5, GUM6, HSL, LDL, LITV, PHL, SF, YL.

Entry from Where We Once Walked, Revised Edition

 Avotaynu graciously granted permission to use this article.

Following are meanings of those symbols:


 COH= Chamber of the Holocaust. More than 2000 memorial plaques at this museum/memorial in Jerusalem commemorate destroyed Jewish communities, primarily in Central and E. Europe. Community survivors gather to hold memorial services here on the anniversary of the destruction of the individual communities. Attendance at memorial services is a good way to meet survivors from individual communities. For info, contact Rabbi Naphtali Gal, Chamber of the Holocaust, Mt. Zion, Jerusalem, Israel.


GUM 5, 6: Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period. Volumes 3-6 of the Guide to Unpublished Materials of the Holocaust Period provide an index to archival material at Yad Vashem about Jewish communities affected by the Holocaust. The series is edited by Yehuda Bauer and published in Jerusalem by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Yad Vashem. GUM 5= Yad Vashem Archival Material, Part 3, Vol. V, 1979. Gum 6 = Moreshet Archives in Giv' at Haviva, Vol. VI, 1981.


HSL =  Hebrew Subscription Lists. Noted in this book are the Yiddish names of more than 8700 towns whose residents subscribed to Yiddish and Hebrew-language books published during the 19th century. An appendix lists the Roman-alphabet names of about 5500 towns which have been incorporated in Where We Once Walked. Berl Kagan, Hebrew Subscription Lists. New York: Ktav Publishing House, 1975.


LDL=  Latter Day Leaders, Sages and Scholars. This book lists the names of rabbis and scholars alphabetically by town name and surname. Emanuel Rosenstein and Neil Rosenstein, Latter Day Leaders, Sages and Scholars. Elizabeth, NJ. Computer Center for Jewish Genealogy, 1983.


LITV= The Litvaks: A Short History of the Jews in Lithuania. A brief description of the history of Lithuania Jewry that includes a list of Lithuanian Jewish communities showing their Lithuanian and Yiddish names. Dov Levin, The Litvaks: A Short History of the Jews in Lithuania. Jerusalem: Yad Vashem, 2000.


PHL=Pinkas Hakehillot:Lithuania. Dov Levin, ed. 1996.


SF= Shtetl Finder. For many years, Shtetl Finder was the only gazetteer of Eastern European Jewry. Approximately 1200 town names are listed alphabetically by Roman alphabet version of the Yiddish name. Chester G. Cohen, Shtetl Finder. Los Angeles: Periday Company, 1980; Bowie, MD: Heritage Books, 1989.


YL=Yahadut Lita (Lithuanian Jewry). This is a 4 volume work on the history of Lithuanian Jewry. Vol. 3 provides detailed descriptions of more than 200 Lithuanian Jewish communities. R. Hasman, D. Lipec, et al, Yahadut Lita, vol. 3. Tel Aviv: Association for Mutual Help of Former Residents of Lithuania in Israel, 1967.

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