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Secular (General) History of Kraziai

Click on this link to read a secular history of Kraziai.


Jewish History of Kraziai  

Click on this link to read a brief history, from article by Beth Hatefutsoth,
adapted by Rochelle Kaplan.


Jewish School Children

Jewish Krozh

Krozh (Kraziai) entry from Lithuanian Jewish Communities by Nancy and
Stuart Schoenburg, Jason Aronson, 1996, pages 155-162.


Where We Once Walked Entry for Kraziai

(Kroz, Kroze, Krozh, Krozhe, Kruce, Kruz, Kruzh) population 660;
53 km. SW of Siauliai COH, GUM5, GUM6, HSL, LDL, LITV, PHL, SF, YL.

Kroser War Sufferers

Click on the document at right to see a copy of the minutes of the Joint Distribution Committee of the Kroser War Sufferers . The members of the committee were from Kraziai. Kroser in German means a person from Krose, yet another name for Kraziai. Sue Swift provided this document.

Krozh - A Shtetl in Lithuania


Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Entry for Kraziai

Click on this link to read the Encyclopedia entry.

Kraziai Synagogue circa 1935

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