These are stories submitted by families with ancestors from Kopogairod.

Stories & Memoirs

Over the years I have collected memoirs of relatives that grew up in Kopaigorod. They give a glimpse of what life was like there in the early part of the 20th century.

My relatives from Kopaigorod or surrounding areas are from the following families: Friedman (Fridman), Shulman (Schulman), Spector (Spektor) and Podgaitz (Podgaetz). There are many families that claim origin from this place, and we may all be related in some way if we go back far enough. Please send in family trees, photos and stories to include here so that generations to come can find out more about their ancestry.


Family Information

If you have additional memoirs, documents and photographs from your own family with ties to Kopogairod, please contact Deborah so that we can include them in this section.


Claudia Anaf's Maternal Grandparents

Claudia Anaf's Maternal Grandparents

The Anaf Family

[Yiddish text] "To our dear children and grandchildren, Chaikeh and Mordechai, (you should live and be well)... We kiss you and wish you all the best. Your parents, Krisel and Peretz"

These are the maternal great grandparents of Claudia Anaf. They lived in Kopaigorod. She does not know their surnames.


Kotler Mother and Children

The Kotler Family

From left to right: My grandmother, Reba (Salkoff) is on the far left, Francis( Harris), Jean (Weinstein) seated on Sophie Cotlter’s lap, Sidney Cottler, Lena Cottler.

We believe this photograph was taken while the family was still living in Kopaigorod and may have been sent to Sophie’s husband, who had already immigrated to New York. Sophie (Moskowitz) Kotler immigrated in 1913 thru Ellis Island with 5 children. When the family arrived, they lived with Samuel’s brother for a short time before moving into their own apartment. When Samuel needed to find a new job, the family moved to Philadelphia where Sophie’s sister Dora was living. The last name changed to Cottler.

Kotler Mother and Sisters

The Kotler Family

Sophie Cottler’s mother, Malka and one of Sophie's sisters.

Sophie’s father was unwilling to get in the photo because he was very religious.


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YDNA testing of my brother David Friedman showed a stronger connection to the Luria family than the Friedman family. Further research is in progress. YDNA testing on other families from Kopaigorod may help to further elucidate this mystery.

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