Kopaigorod, Ukraine

Podolia Region ~ 48°52' N, 27°47' E

(Kopaigorod [Yid], Kopaihorod [Ukr], Kopaygorod [Rus], Copaigorod [Rom], Kopajgród [Pol], Kopajgorod, Kopayhorod, Kopai Gorod, Koprod, Kipared)

Kopaigorod is a small village in southwest Ukraine, in the region of Podolia, 41 miles southwest of Vinnitsya and 15 miles SE of Bar. There is barely a mention of Kopaigorod on Google. It is not included in the Wikipedia list of Shtetls of Ukraine. It does appear on maps of the 16th century but is probably older.

Contact me if you have been to Kopaigorod yourself, consider writing up a synopsis of your trip with photos and I will add it to our site.

Some great news!

We are thrilled that Mikhail Kupershtyn has written a book for us about the town of Kopaigorod. The book is titled The Jewish Town of My Life.

The book is full of descriptions of Jewish life, of history, names, photos (cemeteries and buildings), letters, stories and newspaper articles. The first and second chapters are about Sataniv and Murovani Kurylivtsi (towns close to Kopaigorod) but the rest of the book (28 chapters) is about Kopaigorod.

I feel this is so important. The book contains information that would otherwise be lost to us. For those with families that come from this area there are important clues not only about family members who stayed behind, but about what life was like for those that lived in our shtetl.

To those of you that have contributed to this project already, thank you so much!

As you know, I have been working with Stefani Twyford to this book translated. Anna Royzner has been doing excellent work translating and is almost finished. Karen Leon is hard at work editing the English version and is doing a fabulous job. I am grateful to have such a talented team!

Thanks to Lance Ackerfield, the first chapter is now online at JewishGen and available for you to read. Subsequent chapters will be added as they are completed.

Read The Jewish Town of My Life

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~ Deborah Friedman