Kolochava Holocaust

The day after Passover 5704 (16 April 1944), the general roundup of all Kolochava's Jews began. They were all taken to the ghetto, where they cowered for a month or so and then were transported to Auschwitz.

~ Kolochava Holocaust Data ~

The names below are from the Nevek deportation lists.
Source: The Nevek Deportation List database at the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site.

Disclaimer: The following names were found searching the Nevek-Klarsfeld web site for individuals listed as living in or born in Kolochava. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the list is incomplete.

If your family member is not listed below, see the Yad Vashem Archives - Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, a more complete database of names.

( * = Not transcribed; -né suffix at the end of a name = Mrs. )

NAME Year of Birth NAME Year of Birth NAME Year of Birth
ABRAHAMOVICS, Herman 1915 JAKUBOVITS, Rozsi 1925 SCHAFAR, Sari 1921
ABRAHAMOVICS, Samuel 1913 KATZ, Eszter 1925 SLOMOVICS, Lea 1922
ADLER, Sandorné 1898 KERTESZ, Jozsef 1910 SLOMOVICS, Sara 1921
BERKOVICS, Jeno 1918 LANDESMANN, Berta 1920 STERN, Jozefina 1922
CHAJMOVICS, Edit 1923 LANDESMANN, Helen 1926 STRULOVICS, Helena 1924
CHAJMOVICS, Frida 1924 LEBOVITS, Lili 1922 STRULOVICS, Margit 1919
DAVIDOVICS, Erzsebet 1919 LEBOVITS, Margit 1921 SZRULOVICS, Ignac 1922
DAVIDOVICS, Helena 1924 PINKASZOVICS, Etel 1920 WEISEL, Samuel 1915
DAVIDOVITS, Abraham 1925 PINKASZOVICS, Frida 1923 WOLF, Aron 1901
DAVIDOVITS, Roza 1923 PINKASZOVICS, Hanna 1927 WOLF, Bernat 1912
DAVIDOVITS, Sara 1924 PINKASZOVICS, Helena 1924 WOLF, Cecilia 1924
ENGLANDER, Eszter 1919 PINKASZOVICS, Regina 1928 WOLF, Chaim 1870
ENGLANDER, Frida 1923 PINKASZOVICS, Samuelné 1902 WOLF, Elias 1927
ENGLANDER, Pepi 1924 ROSIK, Eszter 1924 WOLF, Haim 1918
FUCHS, Frida 1921 ROSIK, Haja 1923 WOLF, Helen 1923
FUCHS, Jeno 1912 SAFAR, Jeno 1916 WOLF, Janos 1918
GRUNBAUM, Lajos 1918 SAFAR, Zoltan 1920 WOLF, Josef 1925
GRUNFELD, Lajos 1918 SALAMON, Kalman 1927 WOLF, Morné 1903
JAKABOVICS, Rozsi 1927 SCHAFAR, Cecilia 1919 WOLF, Mozes 1928
JAKUBOVICS, Helen 1920 SCHAFAR, Eszter 1923 WOLF, Samu 1910
JAKUBOVICS, Ilona 1926 SCHAFAR, Helen 1922 WOLF, Sandor 1914
JAKUBOVICS, Lili 1922 SCHAFAR, Malvin 1919    
JAKUBOVICS, Regina 1924 SCHAFAR, Margit 1921    

~ Kolochava Holocaust Memorial ~

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Holocaust Memorial I
Photo: Copyright ©2013 Marshall J. KATZ, USA
Located in the cemetery

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Holocaust Memorial II
Photo: Copyright ©2013 Marshall J. KATZ, USA

Holocaust Memorial IV
Photo: Copyright ©2013 Marshall J. KATZ, USA

Holocaust Memorial III
Photo: Copyright ©2013 Marshall J. KATZ, USA

~ Kolochava Holocaust Survivors ~

If you have a personal story to share by a survivor of the Holocaust from Kolochava,
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Brochure: Kolochava: A Memorial to its Jewish population
Issue: No.10
Author: Kolochava Historical Society
Date: 2009

Click the link to read the brochure:
in Ukrainian or English Part 1 of 2 and Part 2 of 2.

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