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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Kletsk and its history

Why is Kletsk referenced as being in Belarus?

This follows the JewishGen standard practice of using the current country to locate a town.

Why did you pick the particular spelling "Kletsk" instead of another?

That's the spelling JewishGen uses.

Why is the word Holocaust used?

No disrespect is intended; this appears to be the standard term in the U.S.  Feel free to suggest an alternative that takes this usage into account.

Why is there only information about the 20th century Kletsk population?

Can we trace our Kletsker ancestors before the 20th century?

If the experience with neighboring Lyakhovichi is any indication, you may be able to track some ancestors to 1811 or even before.  (Thanks to Debra Glassman, Lyakhovichi KehilaPage Coordinator!)  The initial content of these Kletsk pages is just a starting point.  If you have an interest in going back further, please contact the page coordinator.


About these web pages

Why didn't you announce the web page to Kletsk researchers before it came on line?

Chicken-or-egg.   I didn't want to advertise something I wasn't sure how to do.   The risk is that some people will feel left out of the process.  I'm doing my best to make it clear that the initial release is a starting point for participation by all.

Why do the pages cover <some subject> only lightly?

Why do the pages ignore <some other subject> entirely?

Mainly, my ignorance.  Or my inability to see how to do a good job --or a better job than other sites-- at covering some subjects. In some cases, I simply don't feel I've got enough information assembled yet.  If you feel strongly about this, get involved and fix the problem.

Can I contribute photos?

What about privacy concerns?

You are strongly invited to submit family photos, especially those that evoke the history of Kletsk for others.   If you have any concerns about privacy, these can sometimes be accomodated by editing photographs to obscure or remove sensitive subjects.   This can be often be done without affecting the documentary value of photos.

How were these pages produced?

These pageswere produced in Macromedia Contribute, a simplified web-authoring program designed for non-specialists to collaborate in developing and maintaining web pages. This product allowed more professional-level tools to be used by more technical contributors, but focused attention on developing content rather than fancy web features.  Midway in the preparation, I switched to an old version of Macromedia Dreamweaver (v3), which is much more flexible, and even later to the current version of Adobe Dreamweaver. The entire site is maintained locally under MacOS X, then transferred by secure FTP to Jewishgen for publication.

Can we work together electronically using this web-authoring technology?

It would be a great opportunity to do so, but at this point, it appears that there might be difficulties adapting to the existing JewishGen publication method.   You're welcome to submit content in any form for inclusion in these pages, but for the moment it looks like only one person can directly manage the content.

Why are only standard Latin characters used for place names, etc.?

Why are Polish and Russian characters not used?

At the creation of this page, using non-Latin characters was non-trivial. Since then, the technology has advanced to the point that Polish diacritics and the entire Cyrillic character set may be used, seamlessly. If you see cases that need updates, please contact me.

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