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Henry Neugass originally compiled the material in these pages, and is responsible for their maintenance.

Contributions from the community of Kletsker descendents and others are essential to fulfilling our obligation to reconstruct the lives and joys of our ancestors. 

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About the page coordinator -- A personal note


In Fall, 2004 I decided to find out about my ancestory, about whom my family is not particularly aware or knowledgeable.   We have almost no records or memorabilia.  I did know my paternal grandfather came from Kletsk -- and that is about all I knew. 

I noticed right away that there was no Kletsk Shtetl Page. 

After several months of searching for my Kletsker ancestors, I realized that I may never find out more about my ancestors, and that the next best result would be to find out more about the people, culture, and environment of Kletsk.  In other words, to develop for myself much of the material found on other Shtetl Pages for other towns.   So why not volunteer to do one for Kletsk?

So, I volunteered, and continued my search.

My Kletsker great-grandfather:  What were his aspirations?  How did he relax? What songs might he have hummed?  What was his favorite food?  Music?  I may never find out, but it is possible I will come to know a little bit about your great-grandfather, or grandmother, or great-aunt.    I would like to know more about the children of Kletsk.  What songs did they sing? What games did they play?

The Holocaust.  Although I had studied the Holocaust earlier in life, I had done so on a purely academic basis.  It never occurred to me that I would be searching the Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony for my ancestors as victims -- and finding them.    I take away from this somber work a conviction of my duty to recover whatever I can about the people of Kletsk to unerase them as well as I can.   

The fact that I'm a computer geek is very helpful to this effort.  But I was raised far outside any Jewish community, with essentially no religious or cultural training.  I'm intensely aware of this handicap, and I invite you, viewers of these pages, to correct and educate me.   Please help me improve the quality and coverage of these pages by participating actively in their future.

I look forward to working with you,


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