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Proskurov is located in the Podolia Gubernia. Its Jewish Community has one large and eight smaller synagogues, as well as a Talmud Torah. The latter was built by the late Hayyim Masel in memory of his father, Phinehas. The expenses of the Talmud Torah are met by a grant of 3,000 rubles provided annually from the income of the meat tax. There are also a Jewish school for boys and one for girls, a library, founded by the Zionists, and various other institutions.

In 1897, the town has a total population of 22,915, about thirty-nine percent being Jews. The district of Proskurov, exclusive of the city, has a population of 204,246, of which eight percent are Jews – a decrease from the proportion of 1866, when there were 12,616 Jews there (nine percent) in a total population of 141,702.

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