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Twenty-two million immigrants and passengers came through Ellis Island and the Port of New York during the thirty-two-year period from 1892 to 1924. The ship companies maintained ship manifests that listed the ships' passengers. Below is a list of people who arrived in America at Ellis Island and listed Proskurov as their place of residence.

Place of last residence does not necessarily mean the place of birth. It is simply the last address the passenger resided at before emigrating. Sometimes a person moved to a larger city to prepare immigration papers and gave that town as the last address.

When you find an entry of interest in the following table, you can view the passenger record, the photo of the Ship and an actual scan of the Ship's Manifest on the Ellis Island Database. The ship manifest gives many details, including the family member the immigrant was joining and the relative's address. The manifest also lists the nearest relative left behind in the country of origin. This is a great resource for family historians.

A researcher should consider doing further searches using variations in the spelling of Proskurov or using alternative names for the town. The latter can be found on the Proskurov Home page.

The following list is provided with the permission of The Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Foundation, Inc., The American Family Immigration History Center.

Name Residence Age Arrived
 Achtenberg, Dwoire  Proskurov  17  1904
 Adamewicz, Alexander  Proskurov, Russia  38  1913
 Blinderman, Bonia  Proskurov, Russia  58  1921
 Blinderman, Ruchel  Proskurov, Russia  19  1921
 Blinderman, Semul  Proskurov, Russia  18  1921
 Braunstein, Marcasse  Proskurov  19  1902
 Drowbmann, Markus  Proskurov, Russia  24  1913
 Friedman, Ude  Proskurov  50  1906
 Goldenkirsch, Feirel  Proskurov  20  1900
 Grumberg, Meier  Proskurov, Russia  32  1911
 Kasehketnick, Chane  Proskurov Podol., Russia  27  1913
 Kasehketnick, David  Proskurov Podol., Russia  7  1913
 Kriobab, Rosa  Proskurov, Russia  20  1911
 Malowano, Jacob Hersz  Proskurov  35  1904
 Marder, Anna  Proskurov, Russia  25  1910
 Marder, Dawid  Proskurov, Russia  10  1910
 Marder, Mojche  Proskurov, Russia  4  1910
 Margolis, Michael  Proskurov, Russia  19  1920
 Mustrek Mudrek, Babe  Proskurov, Russia  45  1907
 Mustrek Mudrek, Perel  Proskurov, Russia  11  1907
 Mustrek Mudrek, Rifke  Proskurov, Russia  20  1907
 Nudelmann, Leibisch  Proskurov, Russia  35  1913
 Porzellae, Dawid  Proskurov  28  1907
 Reitel, Annya  Proskurov, Russia  18  1912
 Retschkoblit, Icek  Proskurov, Russia  18  1913
 Salzberg, Ester  Proskurov, Russia  20  1913
 Salzberg, Pesja  Proskurov, Russia  18  1913
 Salzberg, Rachel  Proskurov, Russia  22  1913
 Schraga, Abraham  Proskurov, Russia  25  1907
 Selser, Moische  Proskurov Pod., Russia  31  1913
 Telenko, Chariton  Proskurov, Russia  23  1913
 Tliss, Benjamin  Proskurov, Russia  40  1913
 Tliss, Halke  Proskurov, Russia  15  1913
 Tliss, Lea  Proskurov, Russia  45  1913
 Tliss, Leibisch  Proskurov, Russia  19  1913
 Tliss, Meier  Proskurov, Russia  11  1913
 Tliss, Ruchel  Proskurov, Russia  7  1913
 Zwerdling, Abraham  Proskurov, Russia  16  1922

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