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Izyaslav, Ukraine

Изяслав, Yкрана

Yiddish name - Zaslov

Other names - Izyaslav [Ukr], Zaslav [Rus], Zaslaw [Pol], Izyaslavl, Zaslavl, Iziaslav, Isjaslav, Izjaslaw
Lat: 50 07' N 26 48' E

165 mi W of Kyyiv, 42 miles SE of Rivne (Rovno), 48 miles E of Kremenets.


    Russian: Изяслав / Заслав / Заславль. Ukrainian: Ізяслав. Yiddish: זאלסעוו.
    [Not to be confused with Zaslav NW of Minsk (Zaslavl', now Zaslawye, Belarus).]






Before WWI (c. 1900):




Russian Empire

 Between the wars (c. 1930):  



Ukraine SSR

Soviet Union

After WWII (c. 1950):




Soviet Union

Today (c. 2000):  






Izyaslav, Ukraine is an old town currently situated in the Khmelnytskyi oblast, (former Kamenets-Podolski) part of what once was southeastern
Volhynia gubernia, which was governed by the Russian empire.  It is located on the Horyn River in western Ukraine. Its population in 2009 was 17,232. Only about 60 Jews live there now but in 1897 almost 6000 Jews lived there and in 1939 the Jewish population was 3208. In 2001 the Jewish population of Ukraine was 103,600 0.2% of the population of 48,457,000,

Around the end of the Polish occupation, Izyaslav was center of "Hasidism," and after the Russian revolution of 1917, Zionism flourished.

There is modest Jewish center there now, an old
Jewish Cemetery, and a Jewish War Memorial, all of which I have visited. The Jewish Cemetery is quite old but most of the stones are intact, although the site, visited during the Late Spring, with the wild flowers around the grave in full bloom, was not well maintained.      


Jewish Cemetery in Izyaslav

Web Page Designer Barry Sieger (closest to a family gravestone) at Izyaslav Jewish Cemetery with member of Jewish Community

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