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Izyaslav, Ukraine

Изяслав, Yкраďна

Yiddish name - Zaslov


1. Isadore (variants: Yichiel/Yachiel/Ichiel/Iheil/Ihiel/Harry) B. Landy (b1849 (Germany?)-d circa 1937 (Zaslov(Izyaslav),Volhynia,Kiev)-married(1) c1876-Rosia/Rachal/Rochel/Ruchel/Ruth (Bailer?) Ginsberg (b1860-12/1895, Kiev (died in childbirth); -m(2)1896-Chana Adler;  He was a shopkeeper/furs. The communist stole his store (photo-Slutsk-Pale)

They had 5 children together that I know about: 1. Nathan/Nissan Landy (bc1877 (Zaslav)-died 6/25/1957). Immigrated in 1898 (married my great-grandmother, Ida/Chaika Savin (bc1884 (ViznaMinsk)-d1/8/1959). Nathan was supposed to be a rabbi, but emigrated instead to the US.

2. Zipporah/Divorah Landy (bc1880). She stayed in Russia (trail is cold)

3. Isadore/Essia/Izzy Landy (b 4/10/1889 (Zaslow)-d7/4/1947 (Oakland)) Immigrated in 1908.

4.Sophie Landy (b 1/30/1891 (Zaslov)-d 10/2/1964 (Oakland)) immigrated c1908.

5. Sarah Landy (b 12/15/1895 (Kiev?)-d 11/16/1980 (Oakland)). Immigrated in 1914 with her half brother, Samuel/Saml Landy.

Isadore Landy remarried in 1896 to Chana Adler (I think?). They had several more children, including Samuel Landy:

6. Samuel Landy (b1899 (Zaslov)-d1/14/1975 (Boston). Immigrated with Sarah in 1914. Married Rebecca (b11/27/1900 (Russia)-d8/2/1971 (Boston).

7-10.  Stayed in Russia. Stuck behind the Iron Curtain. Family lost touch with them although all were apparently educated.

Isadore Landy’s parents:
Sam Landy (1823 (Germany?)- d before 1899). His wife was born 1824. No death date.

Rosia Ginsberg’s parents:

William Ginsberg (b1834 (Kiev)). He was apparently a well known rabbi.

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