Carol I (King of Romania), Sidney Whitman, Reminiscences of the King of Roumania 1899, 320 pages. [Link to Google Books]
Roumania and the Jews   Radu D Rosetti, 1904, 84 pages. (free Google Books download). This is an excellent short history with many references and  important population statistics.

Schloss, David Frederick. The persecution of the Jews in Roumania Publisher: D. Nutt, 1885, Oxford University, 27 pages. [Link to Google Books]
Schwartzfeld, Elias, "The Jews of Romania From the Earliest Times to the Present Day", American Jewish Yearbook Vol.3 1901-02 pages 25-62
Schwarzfeld, Elias, "The Jews of Moldavia at the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century, in The Jewish quarterly review, Volume 16 1904, By Israel Abrahams, Claude Goldsmid Montefiore, pages 113-134.

Romania Tourism  English language website covering major Romania cities

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