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NOTE: Most early books and records in English and German used "Jassy". For example, the frequency of use of the names in the Ellis Island manifests (1892-1924) is "Jassy" - 10,884, "Iassy" - 158, "Iasi" - 21.  When doing internet searches you may want to try several spellings. 

A complete list of holdings at the Iasi branch of the Romanian State Archives is on the archive website (PDF).  A rough English translation is available here.

Iasi Records Summary

Type Rec Dates Population Group Language notes location/comments info src
BMD 1865-1908 Civil registers
Cyrillic,Romanian  1,2 see Moldavia Vital Records Data Base ROM-SIG
cemetery 1880s-1960s Hirlau Jewish cemetery records (2500-3000 burials)  English   3278 records in JOWBR JB
cemetery 1906-1986 Iasi  Jewish cemetery Hebrew, Romanian, English   With the latest addition of the final 32000 available records in 2010 there are over 65,000 records on JOWBR. Registers kept at cemetery. JOWBR  JOWBR
census 1803-1851 Jews of Iasi Old Cyrillic 1,2
Iasi Archives; catagrati; difficult to read, no supplemental finding aids (indexes), 1808 is published in Volume one of the collection Documente istorice privitoare la orasul Iasi (Historical documents concerning the town of Iasi), edited by Ioan Caprosu and Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu (Iasi, 1997)  LG
census 1824-25 Jews of Iasi Old Cyrillic 2 Stela Maries, "Importanta Catagrafiei din anii 1824-25", in Studia et Acta Historiae Judaeorum Romaniae, Iasi, 1996: 51- 138    The 1824-25 Fiscal Census as printed in ROM-SIG NEWS
census 1850, 1852, 1860 Iasi census  Cyrillic   Searchable [English?] data reported in 2008 ROM-SIG discussion archives without detail.
Emigration 1895-1913 Jews who emigrated Romanian  2 Iasi County (Judet) Archives LG

1 Professor Ladislau Gyemant, "Sources of Jewish Genealogical Research in the Romanian Archival System",  Avotaynu [The International Review of Jewish Genealogy Journal], Fall 1998
2  Professor Ladislau Gyemant, Avotaynu Guide to Jewish Genealogy, Chapter on Romania, pps 484-493.

info src:  LG=Ladislau Gyemant, JB=Dr Jack H Bloom

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