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The Jewish Cemetery of Grigoriopol

Before 1917, Grigoriopol was part of Tiraspol district of Kherson Gubernia, now it is part of Pridnestrovskaya Moldavian Republic, also known as Transnistria Republic

Final report, Jeffrey D. Wexler, 22 December 2015

The project was started by JewishGen, Bessarabia SIG in August, 2015. All photographs were taken by Serghei Daniliuc, our Bessarabia SIG Photographer, resident of Causeni, Moldova.

Address: Krasnogorka, northern part of Grigoriopol 47°08'13.9"N 29°18'41.2"E. Full report can be found here

Grigoriopol Jewish Cemetery Report by Jeffrey D. Wexler

The cemetery is mentioned in the report Jewish Heritage Sites and Monuments in Moldova published by United States Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad 2010

Grigoriopol Jewish Cemetery

"The cemetery is located in Krasnogorka, in the northern part of Grigoriopol. It contains about 100 stones, as well as a monument to the victims of the Holocaust and Jewish soldiers. The area is protected by a fence with a gate. A nearby housing development has encroached upon the cemetery. The cemetery does not have a regular caretaker, but it is occasionally cleaned by locals. The vegetation overgrowth is only a seasonal problem which prevents access to some of the graves."

Cemetery photos taken by Serghei Daniliuc

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