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Grigoriopol Schools

The photos are courtesy of Inna Shpiner whose mother E. Brukhis was one of the students of the Russian School #2.

Grigoriopol Moldavian School #1.

Inscription on the back of the photo: Grigoriopol Moldavian School #1 at Karl Marks Street. 1940.

Pioneer councelors of Russian School #2. The photo was taken on October 3, 1940 (10th grade)

1st row from left to right: Bakaleinik F., Komar M., Brukhis E., Shikh M. 2d row from left to right: Ivanov Alla, Diminshtein M., Komar F, Gazaryants Ek., Tochilina M. 3d row from left to right: Ponkratova L., Bakman F., Grechina E., Fliednim F., Rozenberg B.

10th grade May 20th, 1941

Belyashev A., Smirnov D., Zadorzhnyuk Z., Batushanskiy E., Sokolov I., Diminshtein M., Barabash Ida, Sokolova P., Gurtovaya M., Volkova M., Pisarchuk Ek., Grobman Kh., Shutak M., Grechina M., Tochilina M., Pereplechinskaya G., Popova Anna Dm. (teacher), Arsenenko Z., Grechina Ef., Belousova Ek., Tselnik D., Bakman F., Tselnik F., Brukhis E., Shikh M., Komar M.

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