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Ellis Island Passenger Manifest project

In 2015 as part of a Ukraine Special Interest Group project,  the Ellis Island records of passengers who seem to be from Dashev are being re-indexed with the addition of who in North America they intended to see and (after 1906) whether they still had a contact from their country of origin.    If you have surnames to look for, please review this list.   
To see a chart of arrivals by year it is here.

Non-New York Collection

Not all immigrants from Dashev entered through Ellis Island.  While these ports have indexed arrivals, they are not searchable by town name.   When we have encountered records that are specific to Dashev, we have begun a pair of lists.   
A list on Non-New York Arrivals is here  and
A list of other Records referencing Dashev is here.
Please contact Bonnie Blish to add your ancestor's data.

Voter Lists for the 1907 Duma (Parliament)    

The Duma Lists contain the names of citizens eligible to vote for members of the Russian parliament (the Duma) in the early 1900's.  Who constituted an eligible voter varied from region to region and from Duma to Duma, but always consisted of a male citizen over twenty-four years of age who also, typically, met a specified property ownership requirement.

There were four Duma election periods:   1st:  Jan 1906 to Apr 1906, 2nd:  Dec 1906 to Feb 1907, 3rd:  Sep 1907 to Oct 1907, 4th:  Sep 1912 to Oct 1912.   All the records for Dashev carry the 1907 date.  More information on the Duma elections and Duma lists is available at the Duma List page for Bessarabia.

The Duma section for Dashev. is here   Note that the entries show given name, surname and "patronym" which seems to be the father's given name with a Russian "-ov" suffix.

To examine the records through home page, select "Research"  "Research SpecialInterestGroups dropdown" "Ukraine-SIG" "Research Ukraine-SIGdatabases dropdown""JewishGen-UkraineDatabases subdropdown" that is here .
Change the "Surname" dropdown to "Town" and enter "Dashev" as the target.   JewishGen login is required.

Since JewishGen records are hosted by, an Ancestry subscriber may "attach" a record to a profile there.  Find the record on Ancestry with :"Search" "Card Catalog" "Keyword=Duma" then "Town=Dashev".  

Births Marriages and Deaths from Metrical Books 1847-1861

A project under the auspices of to acquire, translate and eventually add to the Ukraine SIG database Metrical Book pages covering some periods from 1847 to 1861 has been completed.   A "Rationalized Surname" column has been added to the spreadsheet posted here to help group together variously translated surnames.
Births are here     and             Marriages and Divorces are here       and      Deaths are here.

Surnames in Metrical Book of  Dashev Synagogue for 1851 from Kiev Central State Historical Archive
In 2015 Bonnie Blish engaged a Ukrainian researcher, Vladimir Kreschyshyn to research her grandfather.    The attached list shows her great grandfather's birth record plus a list of marriages and other surnames he encountered from Dashev.    Vladimir is a very diligent researcher.  If you recognize a surname and wish to contact him, please contact Bonnie Blish for his email address

Dashev Jewish Census 1795 showing first names only is here.  A version of this information has been be added to the JewishGen database.

Dashev in All-Russia Census of 1897 showing heads of household only is here .  this material will eventually added to the JewishGen database.

Dashever Benevolent Society Burial lists
Founded in New York by immigrants from Dashev (Dasev, Dashiev, Dosha), in the Russian Empire. Incorporated on July 5, 1906. Provided aid to members in distress and suitable burial grounds. Functioned as a a burial society. Society used the Wellwood, Mt. Judah, and Mokom Sholom cemeteries in Long Island and Queens, NY.    (Description used with the permission of the YIVO Institute)
Mount Judah Cemetery  (put "Dashev" in "Society" Box)
Mokom Sholom (see page 8 of this journal - used with editor's permission)
Wellwood, Pinelawn New York (1800+ listed but not specific to Dashev)

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