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Ukrainian town  


 47 06' /  36  35'

An old building in Andreyevka taken by Rabbi Sol and Ruth Bernards (of the
Yovel family), with the mayor of the village, taken 1992.


Avraham and Tcharna Yovel - Andreyevka 1903


From the Hebrew Press: ("Extracted and translated from the newspaper copies by Chaim Freedman).

Reports of the death of Reb Tsvi-David Mosinzon who served as Shokhet and religious leader for about forty years. He was aged 57 years on his death. He was the father of Bentzion Mosinzon, a leader of the Zionist movement Khovevew Tzion, who taught members of the Zmood family living in Andreyevka and was a teacher at the high school in Mariupol where he taught Khana Reizel Kamesaroff. Bentzion Mosinzon emigrated to the Land of Israel in the early nineteenth century, encouraging members of the Zhmood family to follow him. There he was one of the founders of the Herzl Gymnasium, or high school in Tel Aviv.

Surnames: Golosoff, Komesaroff  Komisaruk,  Zmood, Yovel, Rabinov

Sources: Our Fathers Harvest Supplement, KehilaLinks websites: Ananyev, Balta, Berdyansk & Poninka

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